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Talking to kids about racial diversity and injustice

At MetroFamily, we’re committed to listening to, learning from, supporting and elevating people of color. To provide solidarity and solace for our readers of color and to provide educational opportunities for our white readers, we are sharing important advice and experiences from parents of color and parents of children of color via our blog Hashtag Parenting. Read their powerful words below.


Perspective from Oklahoma families

Combatting Racism & Racial injustice: moving words into action by Kay Robinson, assistant vice president of student affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma, mom to 5-year-old Rex, a foster mom and an avid community volunteer.

I am a Black mother of three boys and I feel powerless by Dr. Tamecca Rogers, a resident of Tulsa and director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Tulsa Technology Center.

I run with Ahmaud by Tara Carr, an Oklahoma native, marathoner and mom of one.

With Justice And Liberty For All by Simi Johnson, a speaker and author of her first book: “I Am Not: Break Free From Stereotypes & Become the Woman God Made You to Be.”

We are the White parents of Black children by Ryan McGee, dad to three kids Micah, Ezra and Lyla.

Raising a Black son, by Jillian Whitaker,  a news reporter for Better Black News and mama to a 2-year-old little boy.

Talking to kids about racism, by Dr. Tamecca Rogers, a resident of Tulsa and director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Tulsa Technology Center.

A Black father’s grief, by Travis Hartfield, a proud father of three children and the chief executive officer of the Qadosh Health and Wellness Experience.

I’m a white mom and committed to being anti-racist by Erin Lawrence, a metro mom of two.

Starting conversations about race with kids by Liz Howald, owner of Play Cafe, a former educator and mom to two rambunctious boys.



Celebrating Local Parents of Color

Vocation Of Service: U.S. District Judge Bernard M. Jones

Community Champions: 3 Moms Celebrate The Vibrancy Of NE OKC

My Mother’s Strength: Gurley’s Story

A Day in the Life: Susan Porter

Awesome Mom Winner: Charifa Smith

Real Mom of the Metro: Sonja Hughes


Local resources for diversity and race conversations

Raising World Changers, a conversation with Ayanna Najuma. Najuma participated in sit-in protests at the age of 7 more than 60 years ago.

Starting Conversations About Race With Kids by Liz Howald, former educator, owner of Play Cafe OKC and mom to two rambunctious boys.

Anti-racism books for kids, teens and parents.

OKC Black Eats, a marketing consulting agency with a mission to stimulate the local economy by supporting predominately African/Black American communities.

Shop Black OKC, a OKC Black business directory

Black Lives Matter OKC

A historical look at segregation, the Black experience in our state and the meaningful change of the Civil Rights Movement in Oklahoma, chronicled by the Oklahoma Historical Society


We are committed to ongoing contributions to the vital and necessary conversations about racism and racial injustice in hopes that together we can create a better future for all our children. If you have a story, experience or advice to share, please email us at

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