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5 Things to Do on Black Friday That Are Better Than Shopping

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While we love Black Friday for all the money it can help save around the holidays, it can also be an all-consuming day of soul-sucking crowds and traffic. If you plan to skip the shopping this year, here are five fabulous ways to spend your day instead.

1. Learn something new: This day off school is a great opportunity for kids to learn outside the classroom. The whole family can enjoy time together and learn something new by exploring nature together! The weather in November can be hit-or-miss, so a museum is a great indoor alternative if you can't make it outside on Black Friday. Find current museum exhibits throughout the Oklahoma City metro here.

2. Take a family road trip: We already rounded up 10 kid-friendly day trips for you and Black Friday is the ideal time to hit the road. Every destination on the list is within 100 miles of the metro!

3. Check out Christmas lights: Black Friday officially means Thanksgiving is behind us and it's time to focus on Christmas! Get into the holiday spirit by visiting a festive light display.

4. Go ice skating: There are two ice skating rinks open in the metro area on Black Friday and there's no excuse not to get out and enjoy them!

5. Snag a free ride on the Bricktown Water Taxi: Bricktown is lighting up for Christmas on Black Friday and there's no better view of the beautiful Oklahoma City lights than from aboard a Bricktown Water Taxi.

If you do plan to shop on Black Friday, please support Oklahoma City's local stores

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