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Readers Recommend: Teacher Gift Ideas

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Teachers work tirelessly each year to prepare our kids for the future. They build confidence and relationships and teach way more than just ABCs and 123s. While each year seems to zip by faster than the one before, school teachers leave a lasting impact on our kids.

With Teacher Appreciation Week coming soon and another school year nearing the end, we can’t think of a better time to let teachers know just how much we appreciate and value their hard work. We asked several Oklahoma City metro teachers about their favorite gifts they have received from students over the years.

Here are just a few ideas to use as inspiration:

  • Gift cards are always awesome, whether it be to somewhere like Wal-Mart or Mardel for getting teaching supplies or even a restaurant gift card is great. Any summer gifts like plants, pool items (towels, sunscreen) or things to pamper ourselves are greatly appreciated also. – Kim H.
  • My favorite gifts over the years have been Target or Visa gift cards and Tervis/Yeti cups. – Sarah B.
  • I will always remember the chocolate rose a child asked his parents to buy for me! His idea! – Lisa B.
  • I’m really happiest to receive classroom supplies. Money for those comes out of my own pocket, so I feel like it’s a gift to me whether it’s a gift card or actual supplies of any kind. Restaurant gift cards are nice too, for any amount. You don’t have to buy a full meal. Just $5 is enough for a drink during a grading period or an item like a hamburger or sandwich. Jerky is also a good idea because teachers don’t get lunch breaks.– Mario R.
  • I enjoy Scentsy stuff, cute coffee mugs and water bottles, gift cards and, of course, sweet treats – Courtney W.
  • I love anything that is an indulgence for me like gift cards to get my nails done and silver charms for my charm bracelet. – Jennifer C.
  • I enjoy gifts that recognize me as a person. Supplies are always thoughtful and appreciated but a gift that is just for me feels extra special. Consumable items are clutter-free and that is a bonus! Notes of how I’ve impacted a family are a blessing and a real boost! – Vicki N.
  • I feel really special when gifts reflect that the family has gotten to know me as a person, something even as simple as my favorite pop or candy bar. But, honestly, any gift is nice! – Bambi R.

Here are a few of our Family Favorites winners (all chosen by you, our readers) that are sure to offer great gift ideas:

For a gift idea that also gives back, check out Robin’s Corner Gift Shop. Embracing all abilities, the gift shop at the Dale Rogers Training Center offers an array of products made, manufactured, processed or assembled by the center’s students. Or, for even more inspiration, check out our list of retailers offering discounts to teachers. A gift card to one of these companies means more bang for that buck!

Have a gift idea you’d like to suggest? Email us at or comment below!

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