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Making first birthday memories in a pandemic

by Le Tran

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Another reason to blame COVID-19! Our daughter Evelyn’s first birthday celebration was terrific, but it is not how we originally imagined her first birthday party.

Even before Evelyn was born, my husband and I believed she would have a festive first birthday party that consisted of a large gathering of our family and friends. We organized a one-of-a-kind supercar-themed gender reveal party, followed by a spectacular baby shower filled with many family and friends and with an abundance of food, desserts and thoughtful baby shower gifts.

My husband and I had the mindset that Evelyn’s first birthday celebration would have to outshine all these celebrations prior to her birth! But this was not to be, and COVID-19 was the clear culprit.

Nevertheless, we organized an intimate birthday party that was fun and sweet but also complied with CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe. Even though Evelyn could not have a large celebration, my husband and I still wanted the party to feel grand and vibrant.

Our family focused on the small details when creating Evelyn’s birthday decorations in order to add grandeur to the pictures, which made my husband and I feel as though we were at a larger celebration. Her cake was vibrant and decorated with tropical flowers and fruits (with the theme being a nod to Evelyn’s love of devouring tropical fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner!)

The party comprised family members who we have been around recently, who have not had exposure to COVID-19. We requested family members stagger their attendance without periods of overlap so that no more than a total of 10 adults and six kids were present at Evelyn’s tropical-themed birthday party throughout the day. We even strategically cut Evelyn’s birthday cake in order for the cake to look untouched for pictures!

For all the parents wanting to prepare a celebration for a child’s birthday or organize a special event during this pandemic, remember that safety is of the utmost importance. As COVID-19 infection rates rise, it is best to avoid any large gatherings, especially in indoor environments. Invite people who you have had recent contact with, who you know have not had COVID-19 exposure and who have been implementing proper safety measures, such as adequate hand washing and proper social distancing.

Social media comes in handy for sharing the highlights of the party for the individuals who could not attend in person. Virtual celebrations and drive-by birthday parties are fun ways to celebrate, too. However small your celebrations may be this year, remember to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Le Tran is married to husband Van, and they are both nurse practitioners, Le for Kidney Specialists of Central Oklahoma and Van for Integris Baptist Medical Center. The couple loves to eat out and explore parks and outdoor spaces with their daughter Evelyn. 

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