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21 of Our Favorite Articles from 2021

by Lindsay Cuomo

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As we say goodbye to 2021 and hello to a new year, let’s take a look back at the good things that happened in 2021! Yes, we faced unprecedented challenges and dealt with difficult issues but we also had the opportunity to discover how we can change for the better. At MetroFamily, we are so privileged to journey through each year with you and your family, bringing you the good news happening in our communities every month. Here are 21 of our favorite articles, podcasts and blogs of 2021.

  1. 100 years later: Remembering the Tulsa Race Massacre – Mom of three boys and director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Tulsa Technology Center, Dr. Tamecca Rogers shared about the journey her family took to learn about the Tulsa Race Massacre and ways your family can remember the victims and their descendants.
  2. Talking to kids about sex: Conversation starters for every phase of development – This series by the experts at ThriveOKC is meant to empower families and caregivers to engage in developmentally appropriate conversations about sexual health, consent and body safety.
  3. Travel Trend Momcations – “Momcations” are a thing and becoming ever so popular among tired mamas yearning to unite with their girlfriends and truly relax without the ongoing chores and snack requests that tend to fill their days.
  4. Grandparent Guide: Scavenger Hunt for Oklahoma’s State Symbols – Local grandmother, teacher and bookstore owner Camille Landry outlined how she crafted a way to see, hear, touch, feel, smell and taste Oklahoma’s symbols, turning family time into fun learning opportunities.
  5. Let’s Move from Awareness to Acceptance – “Most everyone is aware that individuals with Down syndrome (DS) exist. Individuals with DS and their families would benefit from acceptance in society,” Ashley Papirtis wrote in this blog focused on inclusion.
  6. The Weight of the Frontline: A perspective from a mother and nurse practitioner – Parenting in a pandemic was not likely a worry for many families but the reality of the past 20+ months has impacted parenthood in so many ways. This perspective from a frontline nurse practitioner touched on her emotional struggle caring for her patients and her family.
  7. Winter Wonderlands: Oklahoma state parks to visit in the offseason – The urge to hibernate indoors during the winter might feel like the only option; however, a visit to an Oklahoma state park could be the cure-all for your family’s cabin fever. With a few precautions in place, your family can explore some Oklahoma winter wonderlands and bust those wintertime blues.
  8. One Place, Many Nations:  the new First Americans Museum in OKC – The much-anticipated First Americans Museum welcomed visitors for the first time this September. Exploring the shared history of the 39 tribal nations in Oklahoma today, the museum utilizes art, architecture, first-person narratives and multi-media experiences to guide families through the cultural diversity, authentic history and contributions of First Americans.
  9. Time to Be Brave – “As Queer people, we knew what it was like to have our parents do things their way for their own comfort. It was time to be brave. Time to have hard conversations, tear down walls, communicate boundaries, manage our fear,” Rebekah Wilson-Willams wrote in her blog about cultivating a relationship with their sperm donor. 
  10. The Hard Truth about Dwarfism Awareness – “Raising awareness has been big for me since I was a teen, but I have really wanted to make a difference since I became a mom,” Tomi Mahoney shared in her blog about parenting and the struggles of the dwarfism community.
  11. Three Days in Frisco, Texas – Jen Kubes, blogger and owner of The Neon Creative, shared about her family’s weekend getaway to nearby Frisco, Texas.
  12. Hope for Parents from Hard Places – Dr. Lisa Marotta acknowledged the impacts of childhood trauma throughout life and outlined how adults can seek a different approach through hope, healing and growth.
  13. Self-Care For the Busy Person: How to Fill Your Own Cup – Licensed mental health therapist and self-care educator Katrina Leggins outlined what self-care really is and essential implementation strategies that are easy to incorporate into a parent’s busy schedule.
  14. Supporting the AAPI community: Book recommendations for kids – In the wake of the murders of Vichar Ratanapakdee, Angelo Quinto and the mass shooting in Atlanta that took the lives of eight people including six Asian women, the world is coming to grasp with hate crimes against AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders). Local mom, author and business owner Mary Nhin shared about her first experience with racism and a few books authored by Asian authors for kids.
  15. Teaching Beyond the Land Run: Centering the Indigenous Experience – In elementary schools across Oklahoma, learning about the Land Run of 1889 has often included a reenactment of the event for students. While some students dress up as settlers and pretend to stake their claim to land, others stay home due to the triggering effect this day has for their family.
  16. 7 books to read during Native Heritage Month and beyond – “One of the most important things we can do is to educate ourselves,” wrote metro librarian Sarah Brown in her blog focused on learning about local Indigenous cultures.
  17. 5 Ways to Combat Loneliness as a Parent – Long before COVID-19, we faced another epidemic: loneliness. And the pandemic has only magnified this issue. Michael Dickerson shared simple strategies to combat the loneliness of parenthood.
  18. Learning to Have a Ball (before picking it up) – Chasing bubbles, playing with giant parachutes and building cone towers … these do not sound like a line-up of activities for a typical soccer class! The Lil’ Kickers program at SoccerCity in Oklahoma City takes a unique approach to soccer skills training by focusing on highly creative, high-energy, developmentally appropriate games to help kids reach developmental milestones, learn to be good teammates and develop a love of sports.
  19. More than a hobby: A different side of gaming – Battles over screen time, debates about violence in video games, online bullying and concerns about health impacts mean gaming is often seen as a youthful indulgence filled with more pitfalls than benefits, but high schools and colleges around the country are utilizing the emerging world of esports as a positive outlet to engage students in new ways.
  20. Series on Adoption – Local families shared their adoption stories and advice for parents considering adoption.
    1. Our Adoption Story: Why we chose “three under 2″
    2. 3 tips for parents considering adoption
  21. Everett’s Law: The Power of Positive Change – Metro mom of three shares about her family’s experience as advocates of change.

Bonus: We began our Raising OKC Kids: Conversations with MetroFamily video podcast series as a new way to stay connected with metro families. Born out of a desire to provide content and resources parents need in the ways that are most helpful, Raising OKC Kids features conversations with local experts that highlight a variety of important topics.

Here are our top video podcasts from our second season:

  • Episode 69 — De-stigmatizing mental health with Michael Dickerson
  • Episode 57 —Parents in Politics: Make your voice heard in the legislative process
  • Episode 52  — Self-care through Enneagram learning
  • Episode 49 — Black History Month in 2021
  • Episode 47 — Avoid “hangry” and create a healthier mindset
  • Episode 45 – Stop. Breathe. Education in 2021
  • Episode 44 – Letting go of mom-guilt


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