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Local moms get real about homeschooling amid unexpected school closures

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We asked and you responded! Oklahoma public schools have closed for what many are calling an “extended Spring Break,” meaning families are facing some unexpected challenges.

During these rapidly evolving times, some moms are just warming up to the idea of homeschooling.

“Wait. We’re supposed to homeschool them while they’re out? When was this decided?” – Amber Meinke-Booher

“We will be surviving and if some learning happens in between, that’s just a bonus.” – Julie Cooksey

While others who have been doing it for years shared some insightful advice.

“Deschooling and letting kids explore their own interests will be less time consuming and will produce more learning than hours of busywork. It’s a difficult adjustment all at once! Good luck!” – Elena Porter

“We unschooled for many years. I dearly hope people will consider allowing this to be a time of rest and connection with their kiddos without feeling pressure to replicate school at home. And maybe even see how easily learning can happen in the absence of formal instruction when kids have the space and time to pursue their individual interests at their own pace. Here’s a lovely post from a grown unschooler on the topic.” – Hallie McGrath

“At first I was sharing resources but now I think it’s better to just “deschool.” Deschooling is just taking time to find a routine together…Read books together, play, watch movies, etc. My best advice is just to keep the kiddos busy and moving from one thing to another. I know people say moms aren’t supposed to have to entertain their kids but I’ve found that it’s better for all of us if I just notice when my child is getting bored or restless with one activity and help redirect to a new one. If my child can’t choose on her own what she wants to do next then I have to resort to choosing for her – and she knows this. Also for some reason if I say “go play Legos,” she will not do it – I literally have to go get the box of Legos and set it on the table for her to do it. It’s frustrating but that’s what works for us/her. Hope that helps someone!

Homeschooling has forced me to deal with my issues that I didn’t even know I had. So GRACE for everyone.” – Megan Wilds

“Been homeschooling 11 years. I have a freshman in college and high school sophomore. My best advice is that school at home will not look like it does in groups. Their work will not take as long because it’s going off individual times. Also, in this chaos, just focus on reading and math with all other subjects being icing that can be touched weekly, not daily. We all love our children but you’re about to have a crash course that most of us who chose to homeschool were allowed to ease into. So breathe, have lots of grace and snack breaks ready when the tears start to form. And Magic School Bus and Drive Though History count as science and history.” – Angie Anderson


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