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Five Things to be Thankful for on a Monday

by Mari Farthing

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  1. Waking up early. Yes it’s a summer day. I work from home. My husband is heading to work and the kids will be sleeping for at least another 2 hours. Isn’t that awesome? I have 2 full hours of quiet time to drink my coffee and get some work done. The sun is up but the heat hasn’t kicked in yet, so there is a beautiful breeze keeping me company.
  2. Summer reading programs, summer concerts, summer activities, splash pads, parks, pools and all of the places I can take my kids for cheap or free.
  3. Super-soaker water guns. Keep the kids occupied for hours in the back yard. Until we decide it’s time to join in on the fun and stage a watery coup.
  4. The grill. Every year, the heat throws me. How am I supposed to make dinner when the oven heats my kitchen up to a billion degrees? Nobody wants to eat anything but sandwiches. And the last thing we want to eat? More sandwiches. But with the grill, dinner is done and the stove doesn’t get turned on. Bonus: I am not the one doing the cooking.
  5. Going to bed late. The sun is up late, so why not us? And then when the sun goes down, and the breezes again carry cool air through our open windows, across the patio, keeping me company with a glass of wine, chasing fireflies, making plans for tomorrow.

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