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Who do you need God to be today?

by Cheri Blair

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Do you ever wonder if God really knows the details of your thoughts and the burdens in your soul?

Do you wonder if He really cares, hears your prayers, or can answer you? Here's an amazing story that should convince you to BELIEVE that God IS all He says and that He can do anything,
however He wants to do it!

I have been seeking the Lord intently for several years now and have been amazed at the benefit of early morning time with God. It is recorded in the New Testament many different times that Jesus would get up early, before the sun rose, to go away and spend time with God. (If Jesus did it, we can KNOW there is something important in the when, where, and how that he did everything.) One morning, I was urged to get up at 4a.m., an hour earlier than usual. I prayed, read my Bible, journaled, and studied for the Bible study I was preparing to lead that morning. It was during an intense time of prayer that I heard the Holy Spirit speak clearly to my spirit…."I am searching throughout the earth to find hearts devoted to Me…" The words penetrated my spirit and interrupted my thoughts. I pondered those words and thought to myself, "That reminds me of a scripture!" The Holy Spirit then said, "It is not just a scripture… it is what I am doing right now…not just throughout the whole earth, but right here on your street." At that moment, I got up and looked out my living room window into the black starry sky. It was as if I could sense His Spirit passing over! I stood frozen…not wanting to move from that place. The best way I can describe it is to compare it to when the police helicopters fly low overhead with big spotlights at night, flashing down on our homes looking for criminals.  I knew when He had passed, and that He truly had been searching the hearts of all men. How awesome! His Spirit just passed over me, right here on Willow Brook Road! Eventually I went back to studying and praying when the Holy Spirit brought a neighbor to my mind. Ronessa and I didn't really know each other, we were more of just acquaintences whose children attended the same school. The Holy Spirit let me know that I needed to invite her to my Bible study. I thought, alright, I will….if it works out to ask her today. (Hang with me, it will all come together in the end!)

The morning routine continued on as I woke the children, made breakfast, school lunches, and finally made it to school. Somehow we managed to be a few minutes late and I quickly walked Lyndi down the hall to her room. Suddenly, there was Ronessa passing me in the hall! We both quickly acknowledged one another, smiled and said "good morning". As I passed her, the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart again, this time very firmly…."Ask her TODAY to come to your study TODAY." As I headed back to my car, I didn't see her and decided that I would ask her this afternoon to come next week. Besides, I was in a hurry to get home and finish getting ready for the study…I didn't have time! As I went home, no other thought was allowed to take priority as I was being rushed by the Holy Spirit to hurry! "Leave now or you'll miss her!" This was clearly the Lord, because I had decided there wasn't enough time to stop my neighbor I didn't really know to ask her to a Bible study that was starting in 30 minutes….kind of crazy to expect someone who doesn't really know me to just agree to change their morning plans and come to my Bible study, right?

Nevertheless, I was fully aware that God was compelling me to still consider asking her to come. I'm embarrassed to admit it now, but I kind of made a deal with God and threw out a fleece. "Okay Lord, if you are clearly asking me to ask Ronessa to join me this morning to Bible study then here's the deal. I don't want to take the time to stop and chat. She will have to be outside where I can just roll down the window and invite her. If she's not there, I promise I will invite her today to come with me next week." God is rolling His eyes about now with me, I'm sure. I leave my driveway and head down the street toward Ronessa's house. Her house actually faces my street as I drive. I can see her entire property and she is nowhere in sight. Okay, I'm off the hook this morning, I think to myself. "This afternoon Lord, I promise I will make time to ask her." But then I made a left turn at the end of the street in front of her house and would you believe it?! There is Ronessa, standing in our neighbor Margie's yard chatting with her! I quickly said outloud, "Are you serious Lord? You win!"

I immediately pulled my car to the curb and rolled down the window, as we had agreed :). "Hey Margie, Ronessa…how are you?" A quick exchange of courtesies and then Margie asks, "Where are you going?" Here's goes……"Well, I am on my way to a Bible study I lead on Wednesdays, and in fact, that is why I happened to stop just now. Ronessa, God placed you on my heart early this morning in prayer and then ever since I saw you at school I knew I was supposed to invite you to come to the study this morning. I know it's kind of crazy but…." About this time I notice Margie's jaw drop open as she looks at Ronessa and says, "Go girl!" Without hesitation, Ronessa says she would love to. She went to go get her purse and get in her car to follow me. As she left, Margie says, "Do you know Ronessa well? Do you know what's going on in her life?" I told her no, I didn't know her, nor did I know anything about her life circumstances! What I did know for certain was that God knew every detail and must know she needs to be there for some reason and that was good enough for me. Margie replied, "OH…MY…WORD! If you even knew what's going on in her life, you would be AMAZED at what a God-thing it is that you asked her today! I've got goosebumps all over!" So did I.

Ronessa came back and told us that for some reason her car wouldn't start. I told her I would be happy to take her and bring her home. How perfect! Now we get to chat on the way to Bible study and get acquainted. Is God in the details or WHAT!

Bible study turned out awesome that day with many people sharing what God was doing and teaching them. I was teaching that day on WHO GOD IS. How can we come to trust and have faith in Him if we don't really know who He is? We looked at a list in our study book that showed the different names and characteristics of who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as recorded in scripture. I explained that God is our Source for everything we need. He says He is I AM, which was His answer to Abraham and others when asked. Considering He is our Source and everything we need, I asked, "Who do you need Him to be for you today?" I had them look over the extensive lists to find a description for their greatest need of Him today. I had different ones share their answers and the corresponding scripture. It was powerful! Ronessa was engaged throughout the study but quiet. On our way home, I asked her what she got from today's study if she didn't mind sharing with me. What she said was awesome! As she looked over the lists of who God is, she found one that perfectly fit her need today. It said … God is your support. She then shared that early this morning, before the sun was up, she was crying out to God over her circumstances. She even said specifically to Him that she felt she had no support. Then in the study her eyes fell to that description…God is your support. Tears ran down her cheeks, and mine, as she shared how He personally and profoundly met her need today. He had heard her as she poured her heart out to Him in desperation. He proved that He cared by miraculously getting me to cooperate and invite her to the study! He showed her through this act that He is intimately acquainted with everything about her! And He was doing what He told me He was doing this morning…searching hearts.

As I got into bed that night, I was sharing with my husband Tim the amazing details of God's intimate knowledge of His children and Ronessa's story. I felt the Holy Spirit's nudge to find a scripture on support to text to Ronessa. Using the youversion ap on his phone, Tim looked up the key words to find the EXACT scripture describing the entire day's events! Are you ready?!


Is our God amazing or WHAT!!!! That verse completely encompassed all that happened from my early morning prayer time until the day was done. What did Ronessa and I learn?
HE LOVES…HE KNOWS…HE CARES…HE HEARS…HE SEES…HE ANSWERS…HE IS POWERFUL…HE IS ALL KNOWING…and as the scripture states, He strongly supports those whose hearts are completely His.

Who do you need Him to be for you today? He is I AM.

In Awe of WHO HE IS,

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