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Easter Blessings

by Cheri Blair

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Easter is another of those Christian holidays, like Christmas, that frustrate me. Our world always adds traditions that detract from the true meaning of the holiday. I have always tried to make sure that we emphasize the "reason for the season" in as many ways as possible. The last two years, we have gone to a local church, Henderson Hills in Edmond, for their awesome Good Friday multi-sensory experience.

As you enter the church, you are given a guidebook for adults or one specially designed for children containing scriptures, prayers and reflection points to ponder. Eight different areas were set up for people to sit, reflect, and pray. Each of your senses are used to touch the 30 pieces of silver, smell the myrrh scented linens Jesus' body was wrapped in for burial, taste the bread and juice in remembrance of His sacrifice, and hear the hammering of the nails in the halls. The climax for me was at the end of the experience. There was a table set up with small pieces of black paper, pencils, hammers and nails. You have the opportunity to write your own personal sins on the paper, then take a hammer and nail and nail your own sins to the cross. What an awesome way to remember and be grateful for the sacrifice for my sins!

After being at the church, we went to Hafer park to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. Tulips of every color were scattered throughout the park. As I sat by the duck pond, I noticed my autistic son, Jaxon, working hard to create something. He brought it over to me and asked if I could help him find something to tie with. He had found a thorn bush and was making a crown of thorns. He also had gathered some sticks to make a cross. After we found some weeds to wrap around them, he asked if we could hold hands and pray. He prayed, "Jesus, thank you for going through so much pain because of my sin. I could never do that. The crown of thorns must have hurt so much. You got spit on, pierced with a sword, and had nails in your hands and feet. I'm sorry you had to do that for me. I love you Jesus, Amen."

Well said, Jaxon. My heart was so touched and I felt good to know that he really got it! When we got home, he added one final touch to his crown of thorns and cross. He got the ketchup out of the fridge and rubbed them down, setting them out to dry. They are displayed on our entry table as you  come in our home. You can't help but stop and consider what He has done.

I pray that you will experience a moment of true, heartfelt gratitude for the priceless, unmerited gift of salvation this Easter.


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