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A Cool God Story

by Cheri Blair

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In my last blog, I told you the story of how God amazingly revealed Himself to me and my neighbor, Ronessa. What an awesome way for Him to show how much He loves us, cares, knows the details of our lives, and to what lengths He will go to touch our hearts! I hope you were also excited to see the way that God can use US in this world to do amazing things in the lives of people around us. This story today is part 2 of that same day!! It is even MORE amazing! God was surely revealing the truth to me that morning when He spoke to my heart that He was searching hearts right there on my street! I hope you are inspired by my neighbor's obedience and willingness to do just what he was led to do. THIS is the abundant living I keep talking about!

If you have not read the previous blog, “Who Do You Need God to be to You Today?”, then stop now and read it first. It is important that you see how that Wednesday began. What I am sharing now is the events that happened in my neighbor Naun's life throughout that same day.

I wasn't the only one on my street that was up early seeking God. My neighbor Naun was also up spending time in the Word and in prayer. We often stop as we pass one another on the street and ask, “Do you have any cool God stories to tell me?” We always have something encouraging and exciting to share with one another that boosts our faith and love for God even more.

Naun went about his day, going from one plumbing job to another throughout the city. As he drove past a convenience store he often stops at for drinks and a snack, he chose not to stop. Immediately, the Holy Spirit impressed on him to go back. Naun didn't ask why or say “no thanks, I'm not thirsty or hungry right now”, he just obeyed without debate. He went in, got a drink and snack, purchased them and headed out the door. He thought to himself, “That's weird, I wonder why the Lord wanted me to stop here.” Right as he stepped out the door after thinking that thought, he said that something caused his head to turn and look down at the newspaper stand on his left. The Lord said, “Buy one.” So he obediently bought one. He got in his truck, tossed the paper in the passenger seat and began drinking his drink as he drove out onto the street. The Lord then said, “Stop and read it.” He pulled over on the side of the road and began reading. The front page story was a story on the faith of a woman and how God is using her faithfulness and obedience to Him in our city. It greatly increased his faith in that moment! Then he heard Him say, “Turn the page.” As he did, his eyes fell upon an advertisement for a Spanish church. Naun had been feeling for some time that God was going to bring him to a new church. He felt God impressing him to go to the church…now! It was across town, but he had time to drive by. As he pulled up to the church, he was blessed at the sight of this white, stucko, spanish-styled church. It reminded him of the church he was taken to as a child by his grandmother back in Cozumel. He noticed the sign out front that told the service times, which included that there was a Bible study that night. He knew he needed to come! He believed this must be the church God was leading him to so he could learn to study the Bible better.

That evening, Naun drove to the church and walked quietly into the back, right as the opening prayer was finishing. As the pastor looked up, he noticed Naun and asked who he was and how he had come to their little church. Naun answered him honestly, “I am Naun, and GOD led me to this church and you are going to teach me to study the Word!” Intrigued, the pastor asked if he would stay after and visit. After the study, Naun had the opportunity to share the incredible story of how God led him to their church! They both marveled at the details and continued getting to know one another. The pastor was from Cuba, which isn't far from Cozumel, so they had much in common. Naun asked him how the church was doing, since he noticed it seemed to be in need of many repairs. The pastor then shared openly that if they didn't get some of their needs met immediately that they were actually going to have to close the church. Naun asked what type of problems. I am sure you can you guess what kind?! Plumbing, of course! Naun tells him that he is a certified plumber and would be happy to look at the problems. As the pastor had said, the needs were extensive. They would have to replace ALL of the plumbing. Naun offered to do the work himself, yet just the supplies needed for doing the job would still be expensive. The pastor, amazed at God's goodness, shared with Naun how God was indeed answering their prayers. It had been that Wednesday morning, before the sun came up, that he and his associate pastor had met for a serious time of prayer. God would have to send them someone who could fix the needs in their church and provide for every need.  God was indeed at work in their church and they were believing that nothing was impossible, no matter how insurmountable the problems were for them. How amazing! The same morning God reveals to me that He strongly supports those whose hearts are completely His, these pastors and also praying that God would meet their needs and they were confident that He would. Naun and the pastor came to the conclusion that if God could orchestrate the details of Naun's life to get him to come to their church to fix the problems, then God most certainly would provide for the finances to get the job done! Naun and the pastor prayed and thanked God for the miraculous way He had worked that day and thanked Him in advance that the finances they needed were already provided and they were in joyful expectation of how God would work it all out!

The next evening as Naun came home from work, he was relaxing in his room when he heard his neighbor, Margie (yes, the same Margie from the  previous blog Ronessa was talking to when I invited her to Bible study) enter their home. She was visiting with Naun's wife, Julie. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit speaks to Naun that he needs to go out to his truck to get his Bible and books. Not understanding exactly why but not asking, he obediently goes to the truck. As he passes by the ladies talking, his ears perk up when he hears Margie say, “You know, Jules, God has asked me to do the strangest thing! I know I am supposed to give a large amount of money to a Cuban friend from California that I haven't talked to in forever! I really don't understand why, but I know I am supposed to give it!” Naun comes over and asks to hear the story. Then he feels compelled to tell Margie what happened with him just the day before. As he is telling her the amazing story, he gets to the part about the Cuban pastor when she interrupts and says, “That's it! That's who I am supposed to give the money to! Not my old friend in California…I assumed it was she I was supposed to give it to because I don't know any other Cuban person! As soon as you told me the pastor was Cuban, the Holy Spirit let me know that THIS was the person I was to give it to!”

WOW!!! Is God amazing or WHAT?!! Who but GOD could orchestrate all of the details of each person's life, needs, and the answers so beautifully? NO ONE but God!

As Naun came to my house that Friday morning to work on my plumbing, I asked, “Do you have any cool God stories? I do! Can't wait to tell you! He said, 'Do I ever!' “ As we shared, we both were in amazement at ALL that had happened on that Wednesday…when we were up before the sun, seeking God…and God was searching hearts…to strongly support ALL whose hearts were completely His.

Amazed at who He is,


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