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Water Fun in OKC

by Sasha Hughes

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Summer is here and you know what that means! Run for shade!! All jokes aside, finding a way to beat the heat with children can be a bit challenging and exhausting if you don’t have a plan. Check out two of our favorite family adventures to stay cool!

  1. One of our favorite spots is located at Scissortail Park. Their FREE splash pad is awesome! It’s something fun and such an exciting way to beat the Oklahoma heat. Another awesome place we like to visit is Hurricane Harbor in Oklahoma City. This water park is another one of the ways we can all have fun together and cool off. This year we decided to grab season passes that allow us to visit Frontier City as well, which also has a cute water park with slides.
  2. Having two children with an eight-year age gap can bring challenges when trying to find fun family outings. Our family favors Hurricane Harbor because of the many swimming activities they have for everyone, plus everyone is guaranteed to have fun. Our daughter loves the Pipeline Wave and Rip Curl slides at the park — I think she rides them two to three times while we’re there.
    During our latest visit, we were able to move through the line quickly and get into the water park. Upon entering we passed through a souvenir shop where you can find swim gear you may have forgotten to pack. After making it through the shop, we entered the park area with the slides, pools and small lockers to keep your personal belongings safe while you have a good time. We

were able to easily get some pool chairs and make our way around the park.

Our first stop was the enormous Hurricane Bay wave pool. This wave pool is made to simulate a beach experience and it’s really fun, especially when the bell rings and the waves start. Our toddler enjoyed the Splash Water Island park area as it was full of fun things to do for his age group. After a while, we headed over to Castaway Creek’s lazy river to do just that, be lazy, and let the water carry us around.

We were able to grab some snacks and adult beverages while there, but I would suggest eating before you come as it can get a bit expensive. We also visited the smaller wave pool with a diving cliff and some fun water sport activities including wobbly lily pads, jumping rocks and two big body slides. After exploring the park, we headed back to Hurricane Bay to chill out and catch the waves. Overall we always have a great time here and we suggest it to families trying to beat the heat and have amazing summer fun together.

Sasha is a proud Liberian woman now living in OKC, a wife, mother, full-time student and employee. She loves cooking, working out, helping people and showing other moms they are fantastic no matter what! Connect with her on Instagram @SashaHughes and Facebook @Sasha Nyemadye Hughes.

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