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Water Balloon Games

by Kirsten Holder

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If you’re like us, you’re trying to soak up the last bits of summer or just trying to stay cool in the afternoon and evening after the activities are done for the day. Water balloons are an inexpensive way to keep the whole family moving without the risk of heat stroke, plus they’re just so fun! Here are some great game ideas for every age group in your household.






  • Color-Coordinated Water Balloon Hoop Toss
    • Lay out different colored hula hoops on the grass. Give the littles a bucket of assorted-color water balloons that match the colors of the hula hoops and have them toss the balloons into their matching hoops!
  • Water Balloon Slide
    • This one is less of a game and more of an activity, but who’s judging when it comes to getting toddler energy out?! Fill up a plastic pool with water and water balloons. Put a slide into the pool, and let the kiddos experience a colorful and fun water slide! Sounds simple, but this can buy you a solid hour of active self-play time for sure.
  • Water Balloon Painting
    • Bring a canvas outside. It can be a giant posterboard, rain barrel, cardboard box or anything that needs a little color. Next, dip the water balloons in washable paint and toss them at the canvas. Create a masterpiece like no other! It’s such a fun way to let creative juices flow. 



  • Water Balloon Spoon Race
    • This one is so fun for balance, hand-eye coordination and getting pretty active too! Place a water balloon on a spoon, decide where the start and finish lines are and you’re off to the races! First one to make it to the finish line with an unpopped balloon wins.
  • Water Balloon Musical Chairs  
    • Everyone who is playing sits in a circle. Turn on your favorite party song and pass the water balloon to the next player, around and around the circle, until the music stops. When the music stops, whoever is left holding the water balloon has to break the water balloon on their head! They are then “out,” and you keep playing until there’s just one winner left!
  • Water Balloon Dodgeball
    • You likely already know how to play this one! Break into two teams, fill up at least 100 water balloons and the last man standing wins! It’s a fun way to stay cool and have fun!




Kirsten Holder is a transplant from Michigan but calls the “land that is grand” her home. She graduated from Oklahoma City University and is passionate about the arts, community development and small business. She is the senior project manager for MetroFamily Magazine, and lives in a historic pocket in OKC with her young kids Jimmy and Millie, husband Andrew and fur-child Clifford. 

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