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Steger, Party of 6: Empire Slice House/Easy E

by Keely Steger

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Happy New Year, OKC! If your plans for the new year don't include denying yourself delicious cheese covered carbs, then I've got a good plan for you: massive, delicious pizza from Empire Slice House and their sister shop, Easy E. We've tried quite a bit of pizza in OKC and Empire makes some of our very favorite. 

Empire pizzas are all one size (giant) and include eight large, York-style slices. When we eat at Empire, we always start with their amazing 16th St. Garlic Knots with marinara and can then get away with one pizza to serve us all. We usually keep it simple with a half cheese half pepperoni and then ask for fresh basil to sprinkle over the cheese. They have tons of creative combinations, however, and the best way to find your favorite is to try it by the slice! Their offerings change daily, and your server will make you aware of which slices are available. At only $3.50 a slice, this is a great option. 

Monday- Friday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Empire offers a great lunch special: a slice, salad and drink for $9.

The Plaza District is a busy, bustling area. If worrying about parking and navigating the crowds with your kids isn't appealing, Easy E might be the perfect option for filling your pizza craving. They offer the very same pizzas, by the slice or by the pie, from a walk up counter. There are a few stools and tall counters available and a picnic table outside for when the weather allows. And now, for a really great price, you can bring the goodness home! From 2-5 p.m. Monday- Thursday, grab a cheese or pepperoni pizza for only $12. (NOTE: This deal is for Easy E only!) I have a feeling this deal will save the sanity of tired parents many times over. It already has for me. 

If you have room for dessert, Empire offers it, or Roxy's Ice Cream Social is just next door. Our family loves their delicious scoops and the bright, fun atmosphere. 

Here's to another year of delicious eating in OKC! 

Empire Slice House

1734 NW 16th

11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Easy E Slice Shop – just 2 doors down

1742 NW 16th

11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

[Editor's Note: Keely is a regular contributor to our Thrive & Dime blog where she provides tips for eating local with kids.]

Keely Steger works part time for her church, City Pres, and is married to Charles, a physical therapist. They have two boys (11 and 8), and two girls (6 and almost 1). Together the Stegers love to explore the different districts of OKC and find great places to eat! Keely loves reading fiction, Instagram (@stegerpartyof6), Goodwill shopping, writing, coffee and eating. 


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