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Spring Break in OKC: finding what works

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun is perfect however you make it work. 

Spring Break is here! Children everywhere rejoice and roll over in bed. 

I don't know about your household but for mine, schedules go by the wayside during school breaks. I don't set the children's alarms or worry about when they'll get dressed. If they want to spend all days in pajamas, cool.  

It's all good. They brush their teeth and do their chores. That's enough responsibility for Spring Break when you are 10 and 5. 

 Downtime is essential for kids. I can only say what works for us: permission to put some emphasis on the break part of Spring Break. 

That goes for adults too but it is really hard for me to let go, especially as I'm getting ready for MetroFamily's Kids Fest so my mind is overflowing with logistics right now. I think of Chance the Rapper's "Get back to work" tattoo, which is tattooed backwards so he can read it in the mirror, a fact I overheard on "Nightline" while working at my laptop. That's pretty much my approach, sans tattoo. It feels that permanent. 

Sun pours through our windows but it's still a little chilly outside, just enough to keep everyone indoors. There comes a time when everyone is ready to get out and I know about when that hits for us. We have exactly one scheduled activity this week: the Oklahoma City Zoo on Friday. There's a camp, a lunch, a behind-the-scenes tour and a chance to see elephants and rhinoceroses. 

If you're looking to have a more eventful week, there are still a good few days and a whole weekend to get out and explore. 

Here's a quick overview of our editors' three best strategies for an awesome Spring Break: 
Take a day trip: I love the idea of day trips because they get you out of the house without wearing your child out or breaking the budget. Click here for 10 day trip ideas that are just far enough from home. 
Stay local: Wondering if there's anything to do in Oklahoma City this week? St. Patrick's Day figures heavily and there are some family-friendly events. From Adventure Week at Myriad Gardens to a cool outdoor scavenger hunt through Martin Park Nature Center, find it all here.
Plan your day around something free: Going out together doesn't have to be expensive. Click here for free activities near you.

What works for your family is something you get a feel for with time. Right now, this is our time to live a little more relaxed. 

Next week, I'll get up at 5 a.m. like usual (looking at you, Daylight Saving Time), run my morning miles on the treadmill and smile at the daffodils as I hop over our flowerbeds to get everyone out the door and into the car on time. The house will be cleaner because there will not be little children here to drag in dirt from those same flowerbeds, scatter toys throughout the house and leave breakfast crumbs on my kitchen chairs. 

If I can teach my kids to live in the moment, I'll have done my job because there's so much to be said for contentment right where you even as you focus on growing up and doing other things. It's hard for me now and I remember wishing to grow up, wishing to move on. I'll be 32 on Saturday so I guess that's the decade talking. Maybe my generation would have less depression and anxiety if we had learned to enjoy the moment. I'm going to try it with my kids and see if it goes any better for them. 

 I know Spring Break could later mean day trips that don't include me, the beach and please don't drink too much because I worry about you. Driving and whatever replaces GPS in 10 years. Friends and other worries.

So for now, I'll take the crumbs and the dirty pajamas. Chill on the sofa a little more, kids. We'll go do something Friday but until then, I can watch them imagine, let them tell me who they are and just enjoy this time that we have. 

Soon, I'll step away from the computer and go see elephants. We'll let you know how it goes at the Oklahoma City Zoo in next week's post. 

Between now and then, we'll have our fun. I hope you do too! 


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