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Six Ways to Save on Gas This Summer

by Tiffany Doerr Guerzon

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Looking to make the most of your gas money this summer? Try these tips to increase your fuel efficiency:

  • Keep it smooth. Gentle driving (versus sudden starts and stops) can increase fuel efficiency.
  • Don’t idle. An idling engine = zero miles per gallon.
  • Lose pounds. Remove any unnecessary weight from the trunk—excess weight decreases gas mileage.
  • Take it to the limit. Fuel efficiency dramatically decreases at speeds over 60 miles per hour. When on the highway, use cruise control if you have it. And keep the windows rolled up; open windows create drag at high speeds.
  • Stay in tune. Keeping tires inflated to the proper pressure decreases the surface area of the tires that contact the road, thus decreasing friction. Changing the oil on schedule and regular tune-ups also keep cars running smoothly and more efficiently.
  • Find an app for that. There are apps available to help you choose the cheapest gas price. But remember, driving too far out of your way can eliminate your savings. Also, choose the right octane level for your car; sometimes the higher octane is a waste of money.

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