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Real Moms of the Metro: Meet Jill Brown Delozier

by Nicole Nuccio Calvert

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As the PR/Marketing Director for Downtown OKC, Inc., Jill Brown Delozier understands the role that her organization plays in our community. “When downtown does well, the entire city does well,” she explains.  

Building a Better City

Downtown OKC, Inc., is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting and improving a vibrant downtown area. “Downtown is a central focus in any community,” Jill says. “In the last 20 years we have been taxing ourselves to make sure downtown is a vibrant center. Much of our sales tax revenue is made in downtown OKC so it needs to be alive, have visitors and have new businesses starting here.”

Currently, she has her hands full with their biggest annual project—Downtown in December. Jill is part of a dynamic team that produces an array family-friendly entertainment, including the Chesapeake Snow Tubing, the Deluxe Winter Market, the SandRidge Tree Lighting Festival and more. Downtown OKC also partners in great projects like the Devon Ice Rink and pays for free water taxi rides.  “We don’t do stuff just to make money but try to think about what would add value to the city. We look for things that can become a family tradition like the classic family Christmas movies that are free.”

As Downtown in December kicks off, Jill is especially looking forward to taking her children every weekend to Devon’s Saturdays with Santa to do crafts and meet Santa. She is also excited that one weekend will even feature live reindeer.

Building a Stronger Family

Jill is balancing her busy career with family life and the responsibilities of being an MBA student.  Jill says her strategy for staying afloat can apply to all working mothers, “We do the best we can with whatever is on our plate.”

When her workload picks up around the holidays, Jill’s husband Josh shows his support by jumping in and taking on extra household responsibilities. “We have our set roles, but we are very flexible,” Jill says. Josh also has a marketing career downtown. “We get each other’s work,” Jill says. “It’s helpful to have a partner that understands your career and schedule.”

Jill lights up when she talks about being with her husband and daughter Emily, but also the quality time she gets to spend with her stepdaughters Rylie, age 7,  and Jenna, age 5. Because her stepdaughters spend every other Thursday through Monday with the family, Jill gets to do “life stuff’ with them, not just play with them on weekends.  “Being involved in school and homework makes for a real relationship,” Jill notes.

Creating boundaries has been essential to Jill’s success. “What is important to me is making quality time with my girls a priority. If you don’t make it a priority, you will just focus on what is happening right now.” Although she is often tied to her email and phone over the weekend, she strives to keep those from interfering with family time.  “[In addition to family time,] I definitely understand the importance of alone time and couple time. It’s healthy for everyone,” she giggles. “And I like to get my nails done.”

Watching her children interact with the city as they grow up is important to her. “I’m interested in urban dynamics and what makes a really great downtown,” Jill concludes. “It has changed my purpose.”

Here’s more about how this 34-year-old mother of three balances planning holiday fun with family fun:

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
All the dogs I ever had have been rescue dogs. I’m a big believer in helping homeless pets, and we just adopted a puppy named Sofie last month.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by people who follow their dreams, even if that means taking a big risk.

What are you passionate about?
Promoting Oklahoma City and helping to create great events and spaces here.

How has motherhood changed you?
I’m a little kinder and gentler with my words than I used to be. Becoming a mother also made me realize how much my mom loved me. Even when they tell you and show you, it’s hard to completely understand unconditional love until you’re in the role yourself.

How do you banish stress?
Reminding myself how fortunate I am and that any problems I encounter are small in the grand scheme of things.

What is on your wish list?  
Handmade art, crafts and home décor from local artists!

What are you most proud of?  
Going back to school to work on an MBA.

What motivates you? 
Seeing results from hard work.

What is the biggest challenge in your life?
Right now, it’s finding time to meet all of my work and school obligations, while still trying to maintain close relationships and friendships and still create a little time for myself.

What is your parenting style?
I speak to my children with respect and watch my words. I understand the impact my language, tone and volume can have, so I try very hard to think about whether or not I’d speak the same way to an adult when talking to kids.

Advice for other moms?
Don’t be too hard on yourself when you fail to accomplish everything.

Favorite quote or advice about motherhood?
“There are two things we should give our children: One is roots and the other is wings.”

Quick Facts about Jill:

  1. What are 5 words that describe you? Open-minded, competitive, independent, straightforward, creative.
  2. What’s your favorite date night venue? Red PrimeSteak
  3. What’s your favorite family outing? Enjoying the Myriad Gardens
  4. What’s on your reading list? I’m working on earning an MBA­—so these days, pretty much anything for school
  5. What’s always in your handbag? Gum, receipts and about 50 ink pens.

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