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Meet Inspirational Mothers from the OKC Metro

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MetroFamily recently asked our readers to tell us about the inspirational moms in their lives. From all nominations received, MetroFamily will chose one mom to be featured in our upcoming "Real Moms of the Metro" column and to receive a gift certificate from our friends at The Vintage Pearl. [Click here to nominate a mom! Deadline for entries is Thursday, May 17, 5pm]

In honor of Mother's Day, MetroFamily is pleased to share these heartwarming, touching and inspirational stories—in the words of the people who submitted the nominations.

Debbie H.

"Debbie is an amazing mother, daughter, co-worker and friend. Among many of her community contributions she has started an organization called Family Mart. This started out of her home where she set up the house like a mini Wal-Mart for her kids to shop for others during the holidays. It takes the pressure off of a single parent worrying about how will young children be able to understand the gift of giving. After a couple of years she realized that this ability to give her children the gift of giving could work for others in similar situations. She expanded her Family Mart to other single parents, those that might have spouse in the military service and deployed, foster families, etc. The children do not get gifts for themselves, but for their caregivers and also siblings. The event grew quickly to where it was moved to a larger facility and in 2011 it was held at the Crossings Community Center. Hundreds of children were able to shop for their families and be blessed with the gift of giving. She can only imagine the joy on the children’s faces like she had seen her kids at Christmas when they wanted others to open their gifts first. This event was primarily funded by her own gifts and support from a small team – but she coordinated over 40 volunteers to help support this initiative last year. She is a true asset to the community and a wonderful dedicated single mother that not only provides for her two children but also helps support others in similar situations."

As nominated by Kim H.

Brenda F.

"Approximately 7 or 8 years ago, Brenda and her husband Mike took custody of their niece and nephew who were in a troubled home.  A couple of years later, another nephew was born into the troubled home and Brenda and Mike also took custody of him.  After a long process, they adopted all 3 children and raise them as their own.   Brenda is a busy attorney in the metro and  did not plan on having any children.  But, sometime life takes us in a new direction and Brenda lovingly opened her heart and home to 3 precious children that needed her.  She is a community volunteer and makes sure her kids are enriched daily.  She is a kindred spirit and a wonderful mommy."

As nominated by Amanda C.

Marisa R.

"Marisa is a military wife who deals with the struggles of myself being deployed and recalled frequently in our relationship. She is a step mother who goes above and beyond and loves my daughter more than she loves me. (LOL) She recently took up an active role in roller derby not only volunteering to assist numerous organizations in which the proceeds are devided up to but also trying out for the team. I believe she deals with a signifigant amount of responsibilities even while she is a full time student, and she deserves a little bit more recognition than that of myself. Thank you for taking your time to read this!"

As nominated by Joseph B.

Vicky S.

"Vicky deserves Real Mom recognition because she never seeks attention for her tireless efforts.  When she's not running four non-stop children,ages 12, 9, 8, and 6 to church, music lessons, sports practices and games, she plans homeschool lessons.  She takes pride (the good kind)in teaching her children truth and character.  She not only teaches with her words, but demonstrates with her life.  She also directs around forty children in a homeschool choir that performs an amazing program of singing, motions and drama.  Vicky has a heart for children in hard situations,  raising money with her family for the foster care Chrismas Wishes program, and taking in foster children for Christmas and weekend emergency needs.  I could go on and on about Vicky's passion.  She's a humble 'Real Mom' that deserves 'Real Mom of the Metro' recognition."

As nominated by Stacy N.

Dawn D.

"Dawn is an inspiration in so many ways:  devoted wife, full time mom to seven children; 3 adopted; two internationally.  She's a home-educator with a heart for pouring into her children concern for others in their community and reaching beyond the norm in befriending those in need.  Dawn's spirit is one of joy, conviction and a steadfast determination to enjoy life to it's fullest enjoying the noble call of mom and homemaker.  She would have it no other way!"

As nominated by Jelaine A.

Lynda P.

"Lynda is the most amazing woman that helps over 4,000 single moms. She is their second mom, provider of clothes, food, gas money, prayer, education, love, kindness and the children of all these moms are loved with free camps and food throughout the year. All children never go without a birthday present. Meals all year long are provided. But most of all Lynda is there 24/7 for these women that may need her. I have never been around anyone that cares so much for her children. I would love to have her as my mom, but so happy to call her friend.    She runs a non profit called Bethel Foundation. MOM=Lynda Powell.  Lynda was a single mom and now is married and has her own children. She is now sharing how to be a better person to each of the single moms so their children have good values in life. It is not material things that we give our children, it is the seed that is planted so our children grow with love, a purpose in life and to show them how important they our in our world. Please consider Lynda…You will see what an AMAZING MOM she is and what she is to others."

As nominated by Nancy M.

Rachel T.

"My mom is a great mom. She is always wanting to make sure my sisters and I have something to do. She takes us to the park a lot. She plays games with us. Lately she  realized she needed to be healthier to do more with us. She has lost 56 lbs so far since November and is going to lose 54 more pounds. She also just entered the OKC Weightloss Challenge. She has made our whole house start eating better, healthier, more fruits and vegetables, no more pop. She said she does it because she cares for us. And wants us to be healthy. I believe her. We all take daily walks. We have been going around to different parks to see the different scenery to walk in. Then she lets my sister play at the playground if there is one. So I think my mom should be featured as a real mom, because she is a real mom. She is setting a great example to us by being healthier and incorporating it into much of what we do."

As nominated by Alicia T.

Heidi M.

"She is a hard working and dedicated Mom who does everything for her husband and children. She is a licensed in home childcare provider as well as a wife and mom and works hard for all the children in her care–going above and beyond the call of duty."

As nominated by Kami M.

Michelle K.

"Michelle is a single woman who adopted two special-needs children. She is a tenacious professional who is an exerpt in her field of marketing, and she has a no-nonsense personality. And when it comes to her kids, she is second-to-none. She is patient and kind, and she expects the best of them. She is willing to reach out for help when she needs it, which I think can be hard for women as strong and proud as Michelle. She always does what's best for her two children, and it shows in their little personalities. They were shy, withdrawn kids when she first began fostering them. But over the past two years, they have come out of their shells to show their delightful, outgoing, true selves. It's been a joy to see them blossom. They have learned how to love and how to be loved, and it's because of Michelle."

As nominated by Carrie J.

Susan C.

"My mom is a single mother. She doesn't get any child support even though she has tried for several years.  She works long hours and still makes time to support me and my sister in all our activities while doing her best to keep up the housework and the lawnwork. I am 17 and have been in cheerleading and dance and my mother never missed a game or practice. Now my younger sister who is 13 is a triathlete.  My mom takes her to all her practices and meets and, in addition, she homeschools her.  Even though she works, my mom, who used to be a teacher, creates my sister's cirriculum and the work she does and then spends time grading and going over the work with her in the evenings. My mom is my best friend, and I know I can talk to her about anything.  Most of mine and my sister's friends call her mom too.  They can talk to my mom about anything and she will give them good advice.  She has high morals and standards for us and keeps us on the straight and narrow!  She always puts herself last too.  Even though we struggle financially, if she needs something, she will put it off to make sure we have what we need first.  I think that is the perfect role model of a mom!"

As nominated by Kamber C.

Mica H.

"Mica is originally from Wewoka, Ok where she was raised. She moved to OKC in 2009, when she started her nursing career at St. Anthony's hospital. At this time I was introduced to this beautiful, carasmatic, and hard working woman. Looking back this is the moment when I started to take notice of rare qualities in my future wife. Mica married a man that already had a son. If anyone who deals with blended families will confirm that the role and road of a step mother is a difficult one. In the midst of taking on this complicated life, Mica was attending the University of Oklahoma.. My wife will graduate from OU May 12 and is waiting for a reply from her application to a masters program at OU. She is a person that overcomes adversity at every turn. She is definetly someone to look to for motivation in ones own life.   It will be one year on July 23rd that I have been married to the most compassionate person I know. She maintains our house and all things that deal with my family. She is hands down the best stepmother a child could have. She is a very hard-working person and she is an A+ student to boot. In August, she will give birth to another additon to our family. She has qualities from an era that was best known for its hard work attitude."

As nominated by Travis H.

Beth S.

"My mother is an inspiration. She is a survivor of, and in remission from, APL leukemia.  She is an amazing mother and grandmother to my little girl.  When I recently was diagnosed with cancer myself her strength during and after all her treatments has pushed me through all my treatments.  I am not even 30 years old so to have to deal with this and having her to look to has meant everything.  My mom is even more beautiful now after losing her hair and having it come back a completely different color from all the chemo she went through!  She has always worked hard outside and inside the home to take care of my sister and I and even though we are both grown and out of the house now she continues to take care of us all.  She is all that anyone could ever ask for in a mother and I hope I can be as good of a mother to my daughter."

As nominated by Christina T.

Hayley V.

"Hayley has been my best friend for 16 years.  During her senior year at OSU, her boyfriend, Jordan, of 7 years was in an accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down at 25 years old.  Hayley spent every waking moment with him while finishing her 2 bachelor degrees.  She graduated college and married Jordan, the love of her life.  After failed attempts at IUI, Hayley underwent IVF and got pregnant with their son, Gage, who is now 14 months old.  Shortly before Hayley got pregnant with Gage, she lost her beloved grandparents and an uncle all within 6 months of each other.  But she continued to amaze us by pressing on.  Hayley works full time at a very demanding job, takes care of her son and husband, and is supporting her husband while he obtains his bachelors degree in psychology.  Although married, she has a lot of responsibilities that most married women do not due to the fact that her huband in in a wheelchair.  But, you would never know just how full her plate is.  She is always happy, upbeat, and concerned with what is going on in everyone elses lives.  She always makes time for family and friends. We all love and admire her for her persistence, perserverence, and undying love for her husband and son.  I've never met anyone as strong as she is.  She is my best friend and my hero."

As nominated by Jenny S.

Joanne M.

"My mom has always been very close to her parents—–my grandparents.  My grandparents were married 75 years, but my grandpa died 14 months ago.  My mom immediately became grandma's primary caregiver.  My mom moved grandma and all of grandma's furniture into her own house, which required putting a lot of my mom's belongings and furniture in storage.  She had two spare bedrooms at the time and turned one spare bedroom into grandma's bedroom and the other spare bedroom into a sitting room for grandma to read, watch tv, etc.  My mom basically dropped everything and completely changed her life and lifestyle to care for my grandma.  My mom has sacrificed so much in the past 14 months and has turned her own life upside-down….the greatest display of unconditional love I have ever witnessed.  My grandma is 94 years old and requires a lot of assistance and cannot be left alone, but my mother would never entertain the thought of placing her in a nursing home.  She says that it is a blessing to be able to take care of my mom after she cared for me all of these years  In the past 14 months, I have truly witnessed love, the way God would want us to love. I really don't know how she does it….my mom is my hero."

As nominated by Christa P.

Jennifer W.

"My wife has been through so much in her life, not to mention since we met, yet she pushes on every day determined to set a positive example for our children. She does everything she can to encourage, motivate, and support our kids every chance she gets. She recently lost her job and does everything she can, including putting herself last, to make sure our family is able to make it daily on a single income household. Winning this gift certificate and featuring her would allow her to spend a little bit on herself, although I'm sure she would get something for the kids if she could, and take the spotlight, if even for just a short moment."

As nominated by Ryan W.

Click here to nominate a mom! Deadline for entries is Thursday, May 17, 5pm

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