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Making the Most of the OCHEC Convention

by Jennifer Geary

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It's just about time for the OCHEC Convention!  This year the Tulsa convention will be April 25-26 and the Oklahoma City convention will be May 2-3.  Here are a few tips for making the most of your time:

  • Choose Which Sessions You Want to Attend Ahead of Time: The speakers for both conventions are posted online ahead of time, so check out the lists and see who you want to hear ahead of time so you can make the best use of your day. If there are two speakers you want to hear at the same time, split up with a friend so you can share what you've learned with each other afterward.
  • Brainstorm About Next Year: I know some people are ultra-organized and have the next school year planned out by the time the convention rolls around. I'm definitely not one of those people! I do, however, have a rough idea of what topics we'll cover in the different subject areas, so I can keep that in mind as I'm looking at the different vendors.
  • Check Out the Vendors Ahead of Time:  It's also a good idea to know which vendors will be at the convention, especially if you're thinking about purchasing curriculum. Some of them offer free shipping or other deals if you order at the convention, and most of them have representatives available to answer questions, too.
  • Make a Reading List:  One of my favorite vendors at the convention is BooksBloom. They have tons of books and I could spend the entire afternoon browsing there! I have learned, though, that when it comes to which books we already own, my memory is terrible.  This year I'm making a list of books we're missing from different series and books I'd like to get for next year so I can hopefully get what we need.
  • Take Some Time for Yourself: One of my favorite things about going to the convention is that it's one of the few times throughout the year that my friend and I are able to get together without our kids. We love to take a long lunch and just enjoy the day.  Use your time well but don't forget to have some fun!

I hope the convention is a great time for you!

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