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Let Your Light Shine

by Cheri Blair

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 In my last blog, I talked about abundant living and how most of us are not living it, nor do we know how to! I had intended to write several blogs describing it but have had many interruptions to keep me from it.

However, today I want to share a story from something that happened to me last week that demonstrates how living the abundant life speaks to the world around you. When I said that I had interruptions, let me tell you a few of them. Financial crisis in the form of vehicle repair that was to cost about $750, my washer repair estimated at $650-700, and a plumbing catastrophe was estimated at $900. Do the math and know that we absolutely did not have over $2,000 to fork over to pay for these things, yet not one of them was a repair that could wait. (Can you imagine the laundry in our household?) The plumbing issue was not allowing my washer to be used nor the only downstairs toilet! The truck repair was a fuel line leak that sprayed raw fuel right over the tank towards the exhaust. All of these repairs were absolutely necessary and had to be addressed immediately!

As I have been learning to trust God and not be anxious for anything, I lifted these needs up in prayer. Honestly, I found myself a little frustrated by the sewage water covering my floors and having to spend hours in the laundromat. But because I have been intentionally choosing to trust, not be anxious, or allow anything to steal my joy, I quickly chose to turn everything over to Him and replaced the frustration with peace and joy…despite my circumstances! And apparently someone noticed. My plumber, who is also my neighbor, came to my rescue again. This was his third trip to my house this month. I had told him how I not only had this majorrepair to do, but two others that were just as urgent and expensive. As he began his work, he stopped and asked, "May I talk to you for a moment?" I replied, "Sure," as I assumed he may be about to give me some more "good" news about the plumbing.

Instead, he said, "I just wanted to tell you that I really see God in you". I was completely caught off guard and asked what he meant by that! He continued by saying that he is in the homes and businesses of people everyday who are very blessed, and yet they are angry, frustrated, complaining, rude, contentious people. Hethen said, "But you have so MANY problems, and yet you always have a smile on your face and never seem anxious or upset by the things happening in your life. It is obvious that God’s spirit is living in you."

I was so humbled and blessed to hear such a comment about my response to problems. And what an answer to prayer! It was just a couple of years ago that I realized that my faith wasn’t allowing me to live differently from an unbeliever! My life was full of problems that overwhelmed me…I too was angry, frustrated, complaining and confused why life had to be so darn difficult. I knew something was obviously missing from my faith if I lived no different as a believer from an unbeliever. It was back then I decided I was going to have to get into the Word of God and start really living by His promises and trust in Him for everything in my life.

It hasn’t happened overnight or easily…habits of worry and anxiety, fear, grumbling and complaining don’t go down without a fight. But I am happy to say that it is possible to not worry and to be anxious for nothing, but to trust in God and expect Him to supply all our needs and be our Source for every need we will ever have! The blessing is that not only am I beginning to experience the freedom and abundant living that is available, but others are noticing the difference too.

Isn’t that the bigger picture of why God wants us to be transformed? So that others may see God in us and be drawn to Him?

"Let your light so shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven." Matt 5:16

Learning to life abundantly,

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