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Leap Frog

by Terri Fields

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What is Leap Year? It's an extra day in the year that comes around every four years on February 29th. We have this day to keep our calendars in alignment with the earth rotation around the sun. This keeps our seasons in order.


  • Green, Pink and Black Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes*


  • Take the green construction paper and trace both of your child’s hands, with their fingers closed.
  • Cut out a big oval and a small oval.
  • Glue the ovals on top of each other and glue the hands on the bottom of the larger oval with the hands on each side.
  • Use the black construction paper to make a half circle for the mouth and glue it on the small oval.
  • Use the googly eyes and glue them on the small oval.
  • Now take the pink construction paper and cut a small piece about ½ inch X 6 inches.
  • Create a silly tongue by wrapping the pink paper around a pencil, and then glue it to the middle of the frogs mouth.

*Could be a choking hazard for younger children, so be aware when using these items around little ones!

Find more creative things for your family at Terri's Creative Parenting blo.

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