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Kid Review: Skate Galaxy OKC

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What made the experience stand out?

I had never been roller skating before. I mean, I’ve been out on the sidewalk in front of my house but I didn’t know a roller rink was a thing. It turns out there’s a whole place just for roller skating indoors so you don’t have to worry about the weather and there’s music with lights. I go to a lot of places but Skate Galaxy was new to me.   

What was the best part?

I saw my Mom having fun with my brother and I. She held our hands and I didn’t know she can kind of dance. She’s always our Mom but when I saw her zip past me in the dark on roller skates, I could barely see her under the neon lights. It’s almost like she wasn’t her anymore but a kid version of her, our fun Mom instead of our Mom who checks our homework and does all the things parents do.  I know time travel isn’t real yet but that’s sort of what happens when you go roller skating with your parents because they seem a lot younger.

What was the worst part?

I’m not good at roller skating. It would take more practice to get better. I didn’t fall down but I also wasn’t very fast. I was just getting comfortable when we had to leave.

Will other kids like this skating rink and why?

They will like Skate Galaxy because it’s not something you have to think through or study. I love museums and learning about the world around me but I need a break sometimes. I asked my Mom if I could take a personal day from school last week and she said no because winter break is coming up and I can sleep and play or read my novels then. I needed it sooner, though, to take a rest for my mind. I didn’t have to think about anything at Skate Galaxy, just skate. I think other kids also feel that way but it’s hard to find the words to say so and even when you do, parents can’t really listen or let you take a break when you want one. The other part kids will like is that there’s music from the radio but your parents can’t say no to Rihanna songs when they’re on a sound system in public.

Did your siblings enjoy it? 

Sure! My brother, Isaac, is 4 and it was his idea to try roller skating. My grandma gave him roller skates for his birthday because our house has no carpet but it’s more fun to go to Skate Galaxy than try to not break anything at home. Our baby, Gabriel, will be 2 in January and he could roller skate soon with those little orange and yellow safety skates. He doesn’t have very far to fall. People would be nice to him because he’s so small. 

If you could do this again, what would you do differently?

I would go earlier in the day to have more time. I would also take a skating lesson first and use one of those walkers like what little kids use for ice skating until I felt like I didn’t need it anymore. I’ve heard that pride comes before a fall but that’s not always true in a literal way. Sometimes, it’s better not to be so proud and use what's there to help you. 

Does what you saw match up with anything you,re learning in school or have seen before in a book, on TV, etc.?

Not really. I’ve seen roller rinks on TV but I just made the connection that those are like Skate Galaxy. I watch “Modern Family” even though I’m kind of not supposed to and I see that their family goes skating with all the grandparents. We should do that.  

What do you think you,ll remember most about having gone skating?

I’ll remember that I had fun without really trying. I’ll also remember that my Mom had fun with us. I just felt happy.

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