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Kid Review: Artsy Rose Academy

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Reviewer’s name: Samuel Roldán 

Age: 10

What made the experience stand out?

We made Christmas ornaments and painted picture frames. The paint was acrylic, which I hadn’t really used before. We melted crayons in the microwave to make the ornaments. That was new too.

What was the best part?

Decorating the frame was my favorite part because I could do it just how I wanted to, with holly. When we got to the car, I told my Mom that this visit was one of my favorites we’ve done because it was a chance to make something. My brothers are 5 and 2 and I was surprised they could make the same things that I did. I also really liked getting to use a hairdryer to speed up the paint drying on the frame.

What was the worst part?

I came right after school and I still had my white chapel shirt on, so I was worried about getting paint on it. We had smocks, like little white aprons, and I rolled up my sleeves, but my Mom would not have been too happy with me if I got paint on my shirt. I didn’t, though!

Will other kids like this venue and why?

Sure! They’ll like coming to make something because that’s a good way to get ready for Christmas. You can give away a gift that you make or decorate your own house with it. We gave the frames to my Dad as soon as he came home from work and he was so happy. As soon as our Christmas tree is up, we can add the ornaments.

Would this venue be enjoyed by your siblings? Why or why not?

They definitely had fun. I think my brother, Isaac, enjoyed it the most. He’s old enough to sit still and his gingerbread man frame turned out the best. My youngest brother does art at preschool but he’s new to it. They were both happy that getting paint on the tablecloth
was allowed.

If you could do this again knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

I would wear older clothes so that I didn’t worry about my chapel shirt the whole time. The other thing I’d do differently is choose all blue crayons so that the ornament would come out like cobalt glass.

Does what you saw match up with anything you're learning in school or have seen before in a book, on TV, etc.?

We have art at my school and we’ve done painting before but I liked having plenty of time to do it. I hadn’t ever made an ornament in that way. Isaac goes to a different school than I do and they don’t have art, so I feel it was really important for him to get the chance to do it.

What do you think you'll remember most about Artsy Rose Academy?

Being able to make something and feel proud of it is really important. I’ll always remember giving the frame to my Dad and seeing
him happy.

Register for classes at Artsy Rose to make picture frames, ornaments and more this holiday season! Find the full schedule here.

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