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Keith Haring inspired craffiti chalk art

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Create graffiti chalk art with messages of hope on your sidewalk or driveway, then make plans to visit OKCMOA’s upcoming exhibit POP Power, whose signature style is inspired by graffiti art. Pop art is credited with making art feel more accessible to mass audiences because it embraces humor, celebrity and commerce. Get inspired by Haring’s simple solution to share his art with others!

Haring was born in Pennsylvania in 1958 and he loved to draw as a child. In 1979, he moved to New York and found an inexpensive way to share his art with many people. He would use chalk to draw on the blank billboards in the subways of New York City. His signature style, inspired by graffiti art, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and other signs and symbols, would eventually occupy hundreds of these blank billboards. He would sometimes complete as many as forty a day!

Grab your sidewalk chalk and create inspiring messages or drawings in front of a neighbors’ home. Or chalk on your own driveway or sidewalk so others can enjoy when out for a walk.graffiti art

While we are all practicing social distancing, this can be a way to communicate words and images of inspiration for those around you who might be feeling isolated. Of course, be mindful of laws and regulations and don’t draw on private property,without prior permission.

Share your creations using #OKCMOAfromhome and #OKCFamilyFun!

Learn more about Haring at  and about the art form at POP Power will be on view at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art from June 6 to Sept. 13. Timed ticketing for the exhibit will limit the number of people in the galleries at one time to promote social distancing.

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