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Ideas for Snow Day Fun!

It's a snow day! What can you do to keep your kids busy and happy—and not go stir-crazy yourself?

MetroFamily's staff and our Facebook fans have brainstormed a few good ideas for you to try. And, if you have an idea to share, please “comment” below this article. All ideas welcome!

To Do at Home:

  • Write a story together. Look through old magazines to find a picture such as a person climbing a mountain, a kid playing basketball, or a baby surrounded in a mess. Tear out the picture, and use the scene for a "story starter."
  • Get creative. Let our Learning Adventures projects get you started!
  • So many times we ask our kids to write a story, then illustrate the story (in that order). Try the activity in reverse. Ask your child to illustrate a snow/winter scene, THEN write a story about it.
  • Create a timeline. Ask your child to recall 5-8 major events in their life, then use a strip of paper to create a timeline with points in chronological order. Add illustrations or photographs to each life event.
  • Learn genres. Help your child to organize their personal "library" by separating books into fiction, non-fiction, etc. Discuss the reasons that certain books fall into specific categories. Organize and learn at the same time!
  • Make playdough:
  • Make slime:
  • Play card games
  • Enjoy special coloring sheets:
  • Read books together then try acting them out as a play:
  • Try a science experiment:
  • Create an indoor obstacle course:
  • Make a special dinner together or breakfast for dinner instead.
  • Have an indoor picnic by putting a plastic-coated tablecloth on the living room floor.
  • Send postcards all around the world and receive postcards in return. Use a map to post where the postcards came from and learn about different countries.
  • If it snows, make a snowman Then take a photo and email it to for us to share.
  • Make a human snowman. Use toilet paper to wrap them up and add a hat, scarves, and gloves. If you have 4 people you could race to see who finishes first. (Be sure to email those photos too.)
  • Rent a movie and make it special with popcorn and other special snacks.
  • Get your game on. Play Tic Tac Toe, board games, Dominos, etc
  • Play with bubbles. Fill the sink up with a little water and a ton of soap. Use dish soap or bubble bath. Let kids form objects out of the bubbles.
  • Draw portraits of each other. To make it more fun, do it blindfolded.
  • Make up a story together. You can start it and then ask the kids what happens next. After your done, type it up, print it and add pictures.
  • Organize a closet or clean out the kids’ toys. Make a pile to give away to your favorite charity. The added bonus? This activity is a great lesson for your kids about organizing and it can be fun.

Venues that Frequently Offer Snow Day Camps and Activities:

​Ideas From our Facebook Fans

(Join the conversation with our Facebook fans at

  • Lisa G: The Wii!!!
  • Christy R: Board games…candyland, connect 4, chutes and ladders, etc.
  • Mari F.: Baking and crafts!
  • Shawn I.: My grandson loves the card games. Any and all kinds of card games.
  • Terri M: My kids love coloring so usually we print off coloring pages and I'll sit there and color with them then we hang them on the fridge.
  • Jaretta B.: Arts & crafts!
  • Stephanie R: We dump rice into a big jelly roll pan. My boys will play with their trucks and cars for hours!
  • Courtney H: Indoor camping with a small tent, pillows, blankets, lantern, flashlights, books, etc.
  • Anjanette D: Mini-trampoline in the house. if it is sitting there they will jump on it while watching TV.
  • Beverly T: Jump roping
  • Anna O.: Arts and crafts..most recently we made sucker valentine flowers, a gingerbread train for Christmas and a cardboard cutout of her to hang her clothes on everyday
  • Kay R.: Card games with the grandkids.

To Do Out and About:

It’s difficult to get out when the weather is bad, but here are some ideas to keep your family from going stir-crazy.

  • Go out to eat where there is an indoor playground. Consider going during off hours since lots of families will be doing the same!
  • The indoor play areas at Sooner Mall or Quail Springs Mall are great places to stay warm while letting the kids stretch their legs.
  • Bowling anyone?
  • Check out your local library and pick out books to read at the library and at home.

Have an idea to share? Please comment to this article and help out your fellow readers. Stay warm!

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