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Ideas for Snow Day Fun

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It’s a snow day! What can you do to keep your kids busy and happy—and not go stir-crazy yourself?

  • Write a story together. Look through old magazines to find a picture such as a person climbing a mountain, a kid playing basketball, or a baby surrounded in a mess. Tear out the picture, and use the scene for a “story starter.”
  • Get creative. Let our Creator Space Series get you started!
  • So many times we ask our kids to write a story, then illustrate the story (in that order). Try the activity in reverse. Ask your child to illustrate a snow/winter scene, THEN write a story about it.
  • Create a timeline. Ask your child to recall 5-8 major events in their life, then use a strip of paper to create a timeline with points in chronological order. Add illustrations or photographs to each life event.
  • Play card games
  • Read books together then try acting them out as a play. 
  • Try out a simple science experiment.
  • Create an indoor obstacle course. 
  • Make a special dinner together or breakfast for dinner instead.
  • Have an indoor picnic. Put tablecloth on the living room floor and dine together.
  • Make a snowman. And share your creation on social media using the #okcfamilyfun.
  • Not enough snow near you? Make a human snowman. Use toilet paper to wrap them up and add a hat, scarves, and gloves. (Be sure to post those photos too.)
  • Rent a movie and make it special with popcorn and other special snacks.
  • Get your game on.  Play Tic Tac Toe, board games, Dominos, etc.
  • Play with bubbles. Fill the sink up with a little water and a ton of soap. Use dish soap or bubble bath. Let kids form objects out of the bubbles.
  • Draw portraits of each other. To make it more fun, do it blindfolded.
  • Make up a story together. You can start it and then ask the kids what happens next. After your done, type it up, print it and add pictures.

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