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I Apologize

by Mari Farthing

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To all of you who were uncomfortable and unhappy due to the unseasonably chilly few days we've had in Oklahoma, I've got to come clean. It was an answer to my prayer.

I'm not so much a southern girl and I would much rather have 50 and overcast instead of 100 and sunny on most days. And on Wednesday, after so many unseasonably warm days, I was heard to utter "I wish it could just be chilly and overcast" because I needed a day to regroup. I needed a day when I could drink my coffee hot without breaking a sweat, when I could cuddle up in my favorite, threadbare sweatshirt and cook up some comfort food for dinner. I needed to sit in my office at home and feel that chilly breeze that promised that fall was indeed coming, and I need not fear of any more 100 degree days. And that's exactly what was delivered.

And I've loved every second of it.

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