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How to Get Coupons for Organic or Natural Foods

by Karen Perea

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I hear many people say that they do not coupon since coupons are only for overly processed foods or junk foods. I disagree. There are natural food coupons out there; you just have to look for them a little bit harder.

Here are some tips and tricks to get natural or organic food coupons:

  • Call/Write—If you have been eating some natural foods or organic foods chances are you have some favorites. You can always call or write the company and ask if they have coupons available. They may mail you some coupons. If they do not have coupons available, perhaps they will in the future if enough people call and ask for them. It never hurts to ask!
  • Search the Internet—If you look online, there are many printable coupons for organic and natural foods available. Before you print, make sure the store you are going to purchase your organic foods at takes printable coupons. A few of the sites I like for organic and natural coupons are and Akins Natural Foods offers printable coupons. Also, since we are getting a Whole Foods over on Classen Curve, I recommend that you bookmark this site. There are many other blogs that post organic coupons also. Just put organic coupons in your search engine and many printable coupons will pop up.
  • In the Store—I know that there are many organic products that have coupons in the store. These coupons are usually on the product or posted near the products so people can use them right away. Keep your eye out for coupons that say buy X and get free fruit or vegetables. Those are normally placed by the product you have to buy.
  • Sunday Paper—While organic and natural food coupons are not in the Sunday paper that often, they do sometimes appear. Getting the Sunday paper is not a waste. We all still use soap, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.

Saving money on the staples that everyone uses can increase the amount of money you have available to purchase more organic and natural foods. I hope there are more organic and natural food companies that start issuing coupons; however, until that time I will search out the healthiest foods for my family that I can and use the savings I get on staples to purchase more fresh fruit and vegetables.

How do you save money on natural or organic foods?

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