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by Cheri Blair

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In my last post, I was explaining how to create your own memorial…to recall the faithfulness of God so that you can encourage yourself when you face new trials and circumstances that challenge your faith. Recently I was given an opportunity to exercise my faith and believe God for a miracle and heal my body. I have said before that we need to KNOW God, not just as the God of the Bible or the God of the Universe, but personally as we walk out our faith daily within the challenges we face. How amazing it has been to see God work in this circumstance and for me to know that He is MY Healer, not just the healer in the Bible. Consequently, I now have a new stone in my memorial to remind me of God’s faithfulness as my healer!

It is hard to believe it was just one month ago today when I was preparing for surgery! I had been having what I thought was fairly minor digestive issues for the past 10 days or so. It seemed to be in the gall bladder area, so I had begun googling information about symptoms. It seemed like it might be, but I was just not sure. I decided I would wait til the end of the week and then go get it checked out. The following day, while chatting at a coffee shop with a friend, I began having sharp shooting pains in my lower right side. This was completely different pain and in a totally new area. I knew then I would be making an appointment to see my doctor the next morning. During the night, I was awakened by more sharp, intense pains. My side was now painful to the touch. I woke my husband to let him know I may need to head to the hospital. It was a bit like going into labor with your first pregnancy! After considering the possibility of sitting in ER for hours unattended, I decided to lay down, pray, and wait til morning if possible.

Next morning after waking, I knew I needed to immediately be seen. I somehow got the kids off to school and began calling my doc. She decided I should go to ER and get checked out…could be my appendix about to rupture. After finally being seen, I had a cat scan. It seemed a long time waiting until they came in to tell me of their findings. "Well, your appendix is involved, but it is much more than that. It looks as if there is quite a large….mass….between your colon and small intestine. Your appendix has inverted and grown up into the mass, which measures about 4" x 4" in size. This will have to be taken out and biopsied. You will need a colonoscopy in the morning and then surgery will follow." That wasn’t exactly what I expected to hear. A mass sounded better than the word tumor to me, although I knew it was basically the same thing. What followed the news became a blessing.

By God’s grace and mercy, He allowed me to experience total and complete PEACE as I walked through this circumstance. Instead of my thoughts racing to the possible "what ifs" and worst case scenarios, I realized this was an opportunity to exercise my faith and believe God to be my healer, no matter what the doctor says that he found. I knew that it was time to choose to believe God’s Word and stand on His promises more than I would believe negative reports. Instead of fearing the unknown, I began focusing on the Truths that do not change…the Word of God! I actually experienced joy as I began realizing that my life was completely in His hands…He loves me…He will work all things for my good…no weapon formed against me would prosper…by His stripes I WAS healed 2,000 years ago by Jesus’ work on the cross! Those were all TRUTHS that I could stand on, no matter what the situation!

After having the colonoscopy the next morning, I had color photos of this tumor. Surgery was scheduled after the weekend. On the day before surgery, friends began calling to see if they could come and pray with me. I decided to open this up as an opportunity for anyone who wanted to be a part of what God was doing. A very short notice meeting was arranged for that evening at Conversations in Edmond, a Christian bookstore that allows people to meet for Bible studies, counsel, and many other services. As my husband and I arrived, we were met by about 20 other friends. I was moved to see how many people wanted to offer their love and support, along with their faith-filled prayers for my healing. We began by sharing scriptures that we would stand on in faith, knowing that we were praying His Word over my situation. One friend anointed me with oil and prayed over me as scripture tells us to do. When we left the prayer meeting, we were all filled with faith! A friend then called to tell me that she and her husband both had a vision in their mind of my tumor shrinking while we were all in prayer. Anything is possible, and I was EXPECTING a miracle!

Surgery followed the next morning and went smoothly. My doctor said they would send off for a pathology report and let us know what they found as soon as possible. I went home to recover two days later with a car load of flowers, and friends bringing meals for my family…the best gift of ALL! Finally, the pathology report came. The doctor enthusiastically reported that I was cancer free! He admitted he was greatly relieved to find only scar tissue and inflammation, something he had never ever seen before. He had really believed it was cancer. Also, it had strangely shrunk in size after the pictures were taken during the colonoscopy. I told him I wasn’t surprised…many had prayed and believed God for a miracle…for healing! A cancer free, shrunken tumor? That’s what I fully expected to hear! How great is our God! He is MY Healer, the source for everything I need.

In my memorial, I have a new stone. It reads…

Jesus is MY Healer…March 27, 2011.

I am grateful to have this testimony to share of yet another opportunity to find out more of who God is and what I can trust Him for. I hope it will encourage your faith and cause you to know that if He can do it for me, He can do it for you too! God is no respecter of persons. Look in the New Testament and read about Jesus, our healer, and see how he responds to those who call on Him.

Gratefully His,

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