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Great Games for Family Game Night Fun!

by Mari Farthing

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Winter is here; ‘tis the season for burrowing indoors and out of the elements, which may or may not include rain, ice, snow, winds and sub-zero wind chills. Before your family succumbs to cabin fever, think about stocking up on some fun games for all ages to enjoy. Lucky for you, we’ve got a list to get you started:

High-Tech Fun

Family Game Night 4: The Game Show ($40,; multiple platforms, all ages)
This title brings board games to life! Join your emcee Mr. Potato Head as you play games like Connect4 Basketball, Yahtzee Bowling, Sorry Sliders, Bop It! Boptagon and Scrabble Flash. Games are suitable for all ages.

Get Up and Dance ($30,; Wii or PS3, teens)
This title includes a wide range of songs that will keep parents and kids dancing. Suitable for teens and up, track list includes songs by Elton John, Gwen Stefani and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Board Games

City Square Off ($20,, ages 8+)
A logic game for two players, pick your city grid and place your pieces. The first person out of turns loses. There are several ways to play, including solitaire.

Knock Your Blocks Off ($16,, ages 8+)
Players race to build their structures and be the first to knock over their opponents. A raucous game that requires skills in pattern recognition and hand-eye coordination.¬

Morphology ($30,, ages 13+)
A fun game for groups, this game combines cards, a board and 50 pieces that will challenge and entertain you. The variety of pieces result in an endless combination of outcomes!


Exact Change ($10,, ages 5+)
Learn math, counting and money concepts with this card game that can be customized for players of multiple ages, focusing on the most basic math concepts or more sophisticated math.

Gubs ($12,, ages 10+)
A card game of wit and luck for older kids, the object is to collect the most “Gubs” and collect the most points. An adventurous and imaginative game for older kids.

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