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Games to Buy

by Jennifer Geary

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Just one more post about games and then I'll give it a rest for a while! Over the past few weeks, I've shared a lot about different games and activities you can make or put together. We've covered general game resources, math games, geography games, word games and logic games. With the exception of the logic games, I haven't talked a lot about resources you can purchase. Obviously, it's not financially feasible for most of us to buy tons of educational games, especially if they're geared to a specific skill or topic and won't be used very long. I usually try to get games like that on clearance or at consignment sales and save my money for resources that will get some good use from both of my kids. Here are a few of my favorites:

Word on the Street: This is by far one of my most favorite games I've purchased. There are 26 letter tiles lined up along the middle of the board. The first played draws a card that lists a category, such as things on a hamburger or types of fruits, and then decides on a word that fits that category. The player then spells the word, moving each letter tile to his side one space for each time it is used. The object of the game is to get more letter tiles on your side (after three moves in one direction, they're safe on your side of the board) than your opponent does. It's a great way to practice spelling skills (and you could substitute your own spelling words, too!) and get creative at the same time.

Tapple: This is another fun word game. Everyone has the same category and takes turns thinking of words that fit that category that begin with different letters, which they push down. For instance, if the category is things in the car, one person might say seatbelts and click the S, the next might say Kleenex and click the K, and so on. You're trying not to be the person who is still thinking when the timer goes off and it's fun!

Professor Noggin Games: These are basically just quiz cards, but my kids have really enjoyed them. There are tons of different topics, from hockey to art history to outer space. Each box of cards has questions at two levels of difficulty, so you can use these with a wide age range. You can play formally and keep score, but my son likes to just get them out and quiz us.

Made for Trade: This game is geared toward a pretty specific time period, but it's still one we've enjoyed and will continue to play even after we've moved on in the history book. Each person plays as a colonist and has a certain amount of money to spend as they move around the board. There are several different variations of the game so you can make it easier or more difficult, but basically each player is trying to be the first to get money and colonial objects. My son really enjoyed this one!

I think you'll enjoy these games! If you've got a favorite, let the rest of us know!


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