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Count Your Blessings

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Yesterday my kids and I enjoyed the afternoon with our best buddies at Martin Nature Park. There is a stream that runs through it where the children love to swim, gather shells, and get very creative in their play. For me, it was a great opportunity to visit with my dear friend and share life together.

As we sat there watching the kids, we discussed the challenging things of life we were currently facing with our kids. We both share issues dealing with ADD, ADHD, and whatever label you want to add to behaviors not fully understood. I have a few extra issues on the autism spectrum she doesn’t with her kids, but it’s all relative…by relative I mean the level of difficulty.

As we somewhat complained about our plights, a young couple entered the stream with carrying two young, very obviously handicapped children. These little girls were probably 8-10 yrs old, still in diapers, unable to walk alone, and obviously required an enormous amount of energy and love. Did I mention the mother was also very pregnant?

As we watched them carry these children into the water so they could experience it to their fullest potential, my friend and I just looked at each other and were silenced. Yes, I have some challenges…but they pale in comparison to what I just observed. I realized right then that I needed to be reminded of my many blessings and be challenged by the love and patience I observed with this sweet couple and their girls.

I sometimes feel like no one can imagine what I have dealt with. Then I see another’s challenge and know it is more than I could bare. God gives grace to the humble, strength to the weary, and joy in the midst of trials for those who come to Him.

Lord, thank you for bringing that family across my path yesterday. I’m reminded that you have blessed me beyond measure. You have given me Your Spirit to strengthen me for today’s challenges and courage for tomorrow’s. Keep my perspective real and my awareness keen to all my blessings.

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