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Christmas Fun

by Jennifer Geary

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I'm so excited that Christmas is almost here! No, I don't have everything done yet, but at least we're ready for break. My daughter is still young enough that we've been doing Christmas-themed school for a couple of weeks, but I miss the days when I could do that with my son, too. If your kids are older or if you've been sticking with your normal school studies, here are a few ideas to get in some holiday fun before the big day arrives!

Random Acts of Kindness: These are great any time of year, but the busy days before Christmas are a great time of year to surprise others with a good deed. You can choose a friend or neighbor, or you could even find something to make a stranger's day a little better. Check out this calendar from Coffee Cups and Crayons for some kid-friendly ideas!

Reading: We have a HUGE stack of Christmas books that we've been reading each year since my 10-year-old son was tiny. Even though he's beyond the days of picture books for his own reading he still enjoys flipping through these favorites or listening to them as read-alouds. Don't forget there are also books older kids will enjoy like The Best Christmas Pageant Ever or A Little House Christmas Treasury.

Baking: You can sneak in some extra math practice with some Christmas baking, and maybe pass some of the products along as a random act of kindness! And who doesn't love yummy goodies?!

Movies: Maybe this isn't the most educational suggestion, but don't forget that when you're on a break you need to take some down time for yourself instead of trying to catch up on all the things you don't normally get done during a regular school day. My kids love it when I just sit on the couch with them and watch a movie without working on something else. Pop some popcorn or make some hot chocolate and enjoy the afternoon.

Enjoy your break, moms! You deserve it! 

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