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4 Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

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When going through your home doing your spring cleaning routine, it’s the perfect time for a safety check!

Some room-by-room tips for keeping your home safe this spring:

  • Child’s bedroom: Ensure beds are properly assembled with mattress secure. Window treatments made prior to 2001 (blinds, corded shades or draperies) should be replaced with safer products.
  • Living / Dining area: Secure bookcases and heavy furniture. Keep potted plants (which may be poisonous to children and pets) out of reach. Use plug protectors in unused wall outlets.
  • Bathroom: Check the thermostat on your water heater and keep it under 120° F to prevent bathwater burns. Ensure all medicines are out of reach or locked away from children.
  • Kitchen: Store knives and utensils out of reach of children. Use back burners and keep pot handles turned inward and away from children. Ensure heavy appliances are secure.

Tips courtesy of the Window Covering Safety Council. Learn more at 800-506-4636 or www.windowcoverings.org.

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