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17 of Our Favorite Articles in 2017

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As we near the beginning of a new year, our celebrations bring with wistful memories of the past year and excitement for the new beginning to come. Let’s take a refreshing look back at the good things that happened in 2017! We are so privileged to bring you the good news happening in our communities every month.

Here are 17 of our favorite articles in 2017:

  1. Kids are learning all the time, not just in the classroom. We talked with a local education expert about some ways to create learning opportunities in all types of settings in this feature about Learning Outside the Classroom.
  2. Kick the same old, same old to the curb! Check out this feature about seven surprising kid-friendly eats in OKC and try one of these spots for your next meal out.
  3. Raise a World-Changer! We sat down with Oklahoma City native Ayanna Najuma. She shared her story with us and gave some practical tips for parents to help raise world-changers. 
  4. Exploring Oklahoma with kids is our specialty. But we know traveling with young children can be challenging. Here is a list of 10 family road trips that are just right for local families.
  5. Celebrate yourself and other amazing metro parents as you read about some Awesome Moms.
  6. Oklahoma's first Kid Governor, Justin Evers, wrapped up his term this year and shared about his experience and his hope for our community. Read his exit interview to learn more about the contest and issues facing Oklahoma youth.
  7. Respectable Reading: Encourage your kids to stand up for others and have social and cultural sensitivity by reading books at home that delve into important topics in a kid-friendly way.
  8. When we discovered more than 40,000 kids in Oklahoma have a mental health disorder but less than half of them received care, we were startled. Revisit our three part series about overcoming the stigma surrounding mental health.
  9. Looking for something a little different? Try out one of these local board game cafes that offer everything from old-fashioned family fun like a game of checkers to cutting-edge gaming technology like virtual reality.
  10. After-school sports activities offer kids a way to put their budding talents to use, imparting valuable skills that can last a lifetime even if they don’t make it to the pros. We took a look beyond the typical at five extreme sports for kids to try in OKC.
  11. We truly believe together we are all stronger which is why we choose to share about inclusion in action. Read about a beautiful friendship between two local kids who are more alike than different.
  12. Oklahoma City is a great place to raise a family and its just keeps getting better. Read up on some inspiring ways to explore Downtown on a dime.
  13. STEAM has become the latest buzzword in education. We talked with three local moms working in STEAM fields about how they do this with their own kids.
  14. Outdoor play is an important aspect of child development. Find some encouraging ways to take back free play for your children.
  15. Celebrating milestones is a rite of passage and birthdays are a cornerstone of that tradition. Get inspired by some local kids who used their birthdays to do some good.
  16. One Oklahoma City kid made national headlines on America's Got Talent this summer! Read about how this self-proclaimed shy seventh grader isn’t a stranger to the spotlight in our Real Kids of the Metro feature on Darci Lynne Farmer.
  17.  Share in Oklahoma City's journey to inclusion with our three-part series about immigration and the Dreamers that live in our communities.


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