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Welcome to Strong Together Spring 2015

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Training has officially started for our Strong Together Spring 2015 session. We can't wait to see what you ladies do over the next eight weeks. Our first group run is at 7 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 21 at Stars and Stripes Park (3701 S. Lake Hefner Dr.). The runners will meet at the south end by the ball fields. 

Before we meet to run, here are some words of wisdom from runhers coach Sara McCauley:

Hello to all! It was great meeting many of you at our recent informational sessions. After reading your questionnaires and “whys” for committing to this program, I am truly inspired by you all! I am thrilled to get this spring session going and can’t wait to see what each one of you will accomplish through this process. In case you were not able to make the meeting, the following are a few key points we discussed.

The Sofa2Success eight-week plan starts Monday, Feb. 16. The plan calls for you to make time for yourself and walk for 15 minutes on Tuesday; it also calls for you to do just five minutes more on Thursday. (Remember that if those days don’t work for your schedule, pick your own days with at least a day in between.) You can print off the training schedule on the runhers website or follow this link for all the details about the plan. For now, you will be responsible for your runs during the week on your own. We will have a Strong Together group run on Saturday mornings at 7 a.m. for the longer run. Our hope is to connect participants who are located in similar areas at a common point in the metro so that you keep each other accountable during the week and make friends along the way.

There are a lot of nice, high dollar gadgets and accessories in the running industry. The variety of products can become overwhelming, but the beauty of running is all you really need to have is a good pair of athletic shoes, maybe a few layers of clothing and you are out the door. The only purchase you really need to make (after race registration, of course) is the right pair of running shoes. I cannot stress the importance of having the proper shoe that is fitted to your foot type. It is an important investment that will keep you comfortable and injury-free crossing that finish line!  

We have a Strong Together Facebook page that will only be accessible to participants in this program. It's members-only but just click on "Ask to Join Group" and a MetroFamily administrator will review your request. Strong Together is just for women, which is true for the closed Facebook as well. This will be a “go-to” forum for discussion, to post questions or just to brag about your daily run.

I will be providing tips and helpful information each week to keep you healthy and to get you running the right way. If you have any specific questions or topics you would like for me to address, you can post on the Facebook page and I will be happy to answer. There are no silly questions and if you are wondering about something, chances are you aren’t alone. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions and for support from fellow members.

As you begin the program this week, just remember to start slow. You are building a base the first couple of weeks. Focus on this week alone, not what you have to do in six or eight weeks. You are training to be better each day. Changes happen gradually, over time, not overnight. Be patient and trust in yourself and your ability to see your commitment through with community support. You are going to be great! 

Redbud 5K discount: Make the commitment today to participate in the 5K on Saturday, April 12. Register online here! During the month of February only, put "metro2015" as the code and get an additional $5 off so instead of paying $35 later, you can pay $20 now. All proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma City.

While Sara will be inspiring and encouraging us out on the group runs, our Strong Together bloggers will be inspiring us through weekly blog posts about their fitness journeys. Below, get to know these fabulous women.

​Georgeanna Johnson is an Owasso wife and mom of two who started her weight loss journey on national television. The world watched her lose 165 pounds on ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss." Since losing the weight, she's been inspiring others to get healthy through her blog, FitIsWell.com. This is the second session Georgeanna has been featured as one of our bloggers.

Find her blog posts from last session here.


Courtney Mayberry is a Chicago native who moved to Oklahoma City in 2010. Like moms of toddlers know, most of Courtney's time goes toward caring for her 13-month-old daughter. Before motherhood, Courtney worked at Infant Crisis Services. She loves to travel, cook and listen to music with her family. 

Courtney said she knows her post-baby body may not be slim, but it is stronger, wiser and more resilient than before she had her daughter. Now that her baby is getting a little older, this local mom hopes the Strong Together initiative will help her be more active, make new friends and meet fitness goals with dedication and hard work. 


Mae Kiggins is a Florida native now living in Edmond with her husband and two kids. She has run on and off her entire life but is now getting serious about her running routine. She hasn't raced since the third grade but started running more seriously five months ago and hopes Strong Together will be an opportunity for her to set and meet goals. Mae's biggest motivation to get fit is to be a good example for her kids. She is the creator of the outdoor fun blog Mommy Loves Trees. She's passionate about the outdoors and even has a background working as a park ranger and forest policy intern at the Capitol. She participated in Strong Together last year and said it pushed her to have a set running schedule and meet her goals. She's looking forward to running again to compete in the Redbud Classic.

​Kristyn Grewell is a wife, mom and real estate agent from Edmond. She said she started running about 10 years ago when her kids were very young mostly to keep her sanity. She's continued running and training and even completed a half marathon a couple years ago. She's been married 23 years and has two daughters. Her oldest daughter Cassady is a senior at Oklahoma State University and her youngest, Cera, is a high school senior at Edmond North. Kristyn calls staying in shape one of her hobbies and she enjoys running. She's hoping Strong Together will help her stay accountable to her training and get her back on track to run another half marathon this spring. When she's not running or spending time with her family, Kristyn works as a real estate agent who blogs about local real estate at SellAMetroHome.com. She also paints vintage furniture and sells it in an Edmond antique mall. 

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