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Time for family

by Callie Collins

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Finding Oklahoma City family fun isn't difficult once you know where to look. MetroFamily's calendar is a great place to start and March's listings are already full of neat spring events. Warmer weather isn't quite here yet and it feels like winter is starting to drag on; however, before we know it, the weather will change and we'll be ready to get outside.

The postpartum period definitely has its ups and downs. One of those is centered around the idea of when to go out where. Is it appropriate to take a newborn to a public event? Most often, it isn't, so we're inside right now and that's okay with me. I felt stir-crazy and anxious with other two children, ready to get out of the house by the time they were a few weeks old. We're not doing that this time, between the flu that's going around (to say nothing of the possibility of measles) and the fact that car rides are still uncomfortable after the emergency c-section that brought us our six-week old baby. 

However, I read event listings and see ads for what's coming up in our community and there's a twinge of anxiety that we're not out doing all that there is to do. If I were going to go out this weekend, I'd consider attending one of these three events: 

All of the above would be of interest to my sons, Sam and Isaac, ages 7 and 3. Sam especially would enjoy going, I realize, but this time will pass quickly, with its naptimes and scheduled feedings. My husband, Mario, can take them to some events and it's important to me that they continue to visit the public library each week so there's still some sense of routine. They're headed to Sesame Street Live! week after next (click here to enter to win a family five-pack of tickets) and that will be a fun change in recent routine. 

We posed a question this past week on MetroFamily's Facebook page about what your children have taught you; the value of time is my answer. Enjoying this period matters and there's nothing wrong with being a family quietly, mindfully. It's cozy for now and when we're ready to do more, we'll know where to look.

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Have a great weekend! 

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