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The Halloween countdown: six lists to streamline your celebration

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun brings the best of Halloween fun together this weekend.

Halloween feels like it has a lead-up of about a month or more. October has been filled with fall fun, themed family activities and all-things spooky, between lawn decorations, costume preparations and pumpkin carving. "Hotel Transylvania 2" has been playing on my Netflix account pretty much daily since Oct. 1. 

I feel like we really can't move forward with other plans until this weekend and this Tuesday have come to a close. We have a Halloween party and three festivals to attend, three pumpkins to carve and trick or treating to complete between tomorrow and Tuesday; it's pretty packed for three small children. 

I love Halloween but I would like to wake up Nov. 1 to a house without skeleton bones, bats and foam zombie eyeballs. I'm feeling like it's time since this is really the do-or-don't portion of the month.

If you've largely ignored the holiday until now or just haven't had a chance to work through your Halloween bucket list, it's not too late. 



Here are six lists to streamline your Halloween celebration:

All that candy has a way of piling up after the best items are gone, i.e., your kids have picked out the Snickers, Pixie Sticks and Crunch bars. When you're ready to put away those plastic pumpkins and move onto Thanksgiving, find our Halloween Candy Buy Back list here. You can donate candy to the military, a local dentist or another charitable cause, often in exchange for something healthier. 

Have fun this weekend! Enjoy this time before it goes away for another year. 

Happy Halloween! 

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