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Taking on a New Year: Top tips for staying active and inspired

by Madi Pontikes

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Madi Pontikes is an early childhood educator, personal trainer and the creator and owner of Move by Madi. She creates workouts that fit into the modern mom’s daily routine, sheds light on the real aspects of healthy living and parenting and is passionate about promoting a mindset of loving your body for what it CAN do. Here are Madi’s top five tips to help your family stay active and inspired.

Sound snoozing

One thing that should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list in this new year: get enough sleep. I’m a stickler for the early to bed, early to rise mantra for our entire family. We’ve had a Dohm Sound Machine in each room since our kids were babies to inspire sound sleep.

Parks without play equipment

Kids need to move and they’ll do it anywhere! I have always been a fan of visiting nature parks with my kids, perhaps because the combination of toddlers and play structures puts me on edge. I love that my kids can run free in nature, use their imaginations and I can sit on a blanket and relax, or even get in my own quick workout while they play. Our favorites are Will Rogers Gardens, the Myriad Gardens great lawn and Martin Park Nature Center.

Podcast power

My personal go-tos are the Goop and Ted Talk podcasts. I started listening to these on stroller walks and encourage everyone to get in to the podcast craze. It is quite transformative to simply listen and learn about anything from home décor and the way your body works to politics and events across the world.

Exercise essentials

Prioritizing fitness doesn’t have to mean hours in the gym. There are a plethora of inexpensive, online workout programs that can be done in your own home for 30 minutes or less a day, which can feel much more doable for busy moms to fit into their lifestyles. I like options that combine dumbbells with interval exercises for fast-paced workouts to build and maintain strength, health and physique.

Fanny pack fanatic

Parents of the world, get this: A fanny pack is the perfect size to hold my keys, phone, lipstick and a snack without being bulky. Being able to use both my hands is so freeing. My favorite is the Lululemon fanny pack, which is high quality with an affordable price tag.

Editor’s note: Connect with Madi on Instagram @movebymadi or movebymadi.com, where you can find her favorite workout guide for the new year, the 12 Week Power Program.

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