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Spotlight on Character: Teaching Your Family Virtue

by Character First

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Riches adorn the dwelling; virtue adorns the person. — Chinese Proverb

Being virtuous means that you work hard to do what is morally right. It means you set the standard for your family and uphold it by your example. Having virtue means that you work hard to make good choices about all things in life, and that you strive to uplift others with your choices and influence.

Encourage virtue in your family by saying these “I will” statements aloud with your children, encouraging them to apply these statements to situations in everyday life:

I will:

  • do what is right and encourage others to do the same 
  • guard my eyes, ears, words and thoughts
  • learn to stand alone
  • abstain from damaging my mind or body
  • treat others as I want to be treated.

Read about virtue to bring the lesson home to your kids:

  • The Children’s Book of Virtues is a compilation of stories edited by William J. Bennett, offering tales of good virtue from Aesop to modern folklore.
  • Step Gently Out by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder reminds readers that there is virtue in treating even the smallest creature with respect.

I will statements courtesy of Character First,

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