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SPONSORED: This Meal Kit Service Is a Game-Changer for Moms

by Angi Bruss

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Between your children’s activities, your job and trying to get things done around the house, you might feel like you’re meeting yourself coming and going. All of which doesn’t leave much time for family dinners. Supper Club 76, a slow cooker meal prep service, hopes to ease your mealtime stress and as their website reads, “End the ‘What’s for Dinner’ dilemma.”  

“By doing most of the shopping and all of the chopping, Supper Club 76 is bringing families together and making meals easier by minimizing the time required to plan, prepare, and clean up after dinner,” said Supper Club 76 Co-Founder Whitney Reitz.

With most meals requiring less than 15 minutes of combined preparation and clean-up time, Supper Club 76 has found a niche market. It all started when Reitz and her husband started making freezer meals in bulk for themselves when their first son was born. Reitz has a history in restaurant management. So after encouragement from family, it only seemed natural to give the business a go. They first set up shop in Kingfisher. After success there, Reitz moved the business to the metro area. The business is fully licensed and insured and operates out of a commercial kitchen in Edmond.

With eating out becoming more and more common for families, good-for-you food is sometimes hard to incorporate into a family’s diet. Supper Club 76 boasts vegetables in many of its meals. Reitz said customers won’t sacrifice health for convenience. 

“Supper Club 76 chooses fresh over frozen or canned and always tries to limit processed ingredients,” she said. “This is perfect for anyone who wants to eat healthier and enjoy home-cooked family meals together, but doesn’t have time to (or want to) meal plan, grocery shop, cook dinner and clean up after.”

Different meal kit boxes are offered every month. The kits have 10 different prepared recipes to choose from along with slow cooker liners. The kits also include all the sauces, spices and chopped vegetables. All the customer has to do is drop it in the slow cooker. Meals can feed 4-6 adults.

Meal kits include everything that goes into the slow cooker except the protein, which can be purchased separately or through Supper Club 76. The boxes contain additional items required for the recipe like pasta, rice and cornstarch for thickening sauces, a detailed recipe card, protein shopping list and slow cooker liners. Meal kits can be purchased with four, six, eight or 10 meals each. 

Planning for meals throughout the week can be time-consuming. So instead of taking precious time away from your family, Supper Club 76 does the homework for you while still giving you plenty of choices. 

“Supper Club 76 offers a variety of different cuisine options each month from soup/stews to casseroles to deliciously seasoned meats for sandwiches, tacos, baked potatoes and more,” Reitz said. 

Reitz said eight new recipes and two previous favorites are offered each month, along with seasonal items like popular holiday side dishes.

Supper Club 76 can deliver straight to the customer’s door for an additional fee. Or the customer can pick up the meal kit box at one of six locations around the Oklahoma City metro and one in Kingfisher.

Reitz said the company is currently working on transitioning to a direct-to-door shipped product by the end of the year with the help of a grant from the University of Oklahoma. 

"The Sooner Innovation Fund has provided us with the financial support to test shipping to markets in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas as well as given us the opportunity to connect with great resources for building our brand on both the customer-facing side and behind-the-scenes.”

Reitz has big aspirations for Supper Club 76, but remembers her vision for the growing company started from personal experience.

“Our hope is to eventually share Meals Made Easy™ with the whole country. As a mom of soon-to-be three under 3 years, I know what a lifesaver these meals have been for us and I want to share that with as many people as I can.”

Here’s how Supper Club 76 works:

  • Monthly menu of 10 meal kits.
  • Your choice of four ($30), six ($40), eight ($48) or 10 ($55) meal kits from that menu.
  • For the three smaller sizes, check the box for which meal kit you would like. For the 10, you get one of each meal kit.
  • Orders are open for approximately one month.
  • Pick up on the first weekend of the month.
  • Once shipping directly to home begins, delivery will occur weekly.

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