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Read Aloud Books for Summer

by Jennifer Geary

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We've just come off a few crazy weeks filled with birthday celebrations (my kids' birthdays are just five days apart), VBS and house showings, and we're just now settling into our real summer routine. One of our favorite things to do all year is read aloud time, but it's especially great in the summer when our days are more relaxed and we don't have the time constraints of the regular school year. It's not uncommon for us to spend at least an hour or more each day reading aloud, especially when it gets to the point where it's just too hot to do much of anything. Here are five great read alouds you might want to consider this summer.

Three Times Lucky: We recently read this great novel by Sheila Turnage and both of my kids were really into the story and the characters. The main character, 11-year-old Mo, is looking for her birth mother and runs into all kinds of trouble when a man in her small town is found murdered. As soon as we finished it we had to check out the sequel, The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing. Both are interesting, entertaining stories that are perfect for a summer read.

Because of Winn-Dixie: Really, I don't think you can go wrong with any Kate DiCamillo book, but her first novel is still one of her very best. Ten-year-old Opal finds a dog, Winn-Dixie, who helps her as she navigates life in a new town with her preacher father and a very unique group of friends. If you only watch the movie, you're missing out.

Holes: This is another book you need to read instead of just watching the movie! Stanley Yelnats has been living under a curse, but when he's sent to Camp Green Lake for a crime he didn't commit, he finally has a chance to redeem his family's name. I love the way everything in this story ties together and it's so much fun watching it all click with your kids!

The Doll People: I first read this novel before I had children and now I've read it (and the subsequent books in the series) with both of my kids. Annabelle Doll and her family have had pretty much the same life for the last century, but when the Funcraft family arrives at the Palmer home, things begin to change in a big way. Don't be fooled by the fact that the main characters are dolls; even boys will enjoy this adventure story!

Moon Over Manifest: I read this amazing novel a couple of years ago and am planning on reading it to my kids this summer. Set in the 1930s, this Newbery winner tells the story of 12-year-old Abilene Tucker, whose father has sent her to the small town of Manifest for the summer. With her new friends, Abilene sets out to solve a twenty year old mystery and learn how her own family's history is involved.

I'm always looking for new books, so I'd love to hear some of your family's favorite read alouds!

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