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Planning a Perfect Date Night

by Umo Callins

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Date nights are essential for strong and lasting relationships. They allow for catching up with each other and can be a great time to connect in many different ways. As a mother of three that balances being a wife, parent and my career, date nights are something I truly look forward to. With days being jam packed and weekends primarily focused on family activities, date nights have allowed for a beautiful break from it all and to have quality uninterrupted time with my husband.  It has allowed my husband and me to connect on a deeper level, focus on each other and have fun!  It’s a great way to shut off all the noise from everyday life, be present with each other and reconnect.

Something my husband I have  found helpful is planning our date nights ahead of time. We plan our them every quarter and put them on our calendars just like everything else we are committed to. Doing this helps with making them routine and can provide more options for what to do by looking ahead. Below are my three date night go-tos.

Catching a movie together or dinner and a movie

For my husband and me, TV time is limited throughout the week. While we have the greatest intentions of watching something together by ourselves on the weekends, we are guilty of dosing off once the kids are finally asleep. I’m sure many can relate to this.  My husband and I are HUGE Marvel fans, so just about every time a new movie is released, we are likely going to make watching it the choice for our date night. We typically follow it up with dinner or may eat first then go to the movies. A few of our favorite places to dine out are Black Walnut, the Drake or for brunch, we love Kitchen No. 324. Sometimes we will just get a sweet treat and go to Pie Junkie or Menchies. For a two in one experience, you can’t go wrong with Flix Brewhouse. Our favorite movie theaters have comfy reclining seats. Conversations and connection always arise for us from these date days or nights centered around the movie and life in general.

Game and Entertainment centers

Let’s face it, places like these allow us to let loose and bring the fun and youthful side out. We love going to places like Main Event because not only do you get to play games, you have options to go bowling, shoot some hoops, play laser tag and much more. The beauty of a place like this is the length of time you get to hang out. What’s also nice is being able to get a bite to eat while there. Any time my husband and I go to a game and entertainment center, it’s an immediate fun battle when we find the air hockey table. Connecting with each other at entertainment centers allows for a unique experience. and an effective way to get movement, and be active while doing so! Some other places we like are Chicken and Pickle and Hay Day.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular here in Oklahoma. While they are traditionally marketed to small sized groups, it can be an absolute blast as a date night. When it’s just the two of you, it allows for more intimacy, opportunities to explore each other’s way of processing strategies, and allows for testing your skills. You accomplish a fun challenge together and, to be honest, isn’t that what a lot of our relationship journeys are about?!  The conversations we have after going to places like this are so fun. One of our favorite escape rooms is the Red Door escape room at Chisholm Creek. When we’re at Chisholm Creek, we like walking around afterwards and checking out the rest of the area.

These are just a few of our favorite things to do, but we like to switch it up and explore. Sometimes it’s just a walk or going to a local event. We also like to make it an overnight experience and get the opportunity to sleep in. No matter what you choose to do, I can’t recommend date nights enough. Make them a top priority. The saying is true, never stop dating your spouse. Whether is weekly or monthly, date nights are a healthy way to keep your marriage healthy and strong.

With over 15 years of experience, Umo Callins is a registered dietitian and fitness coach who specializes in wellness and sports. She owns and operates her private practice, Well Rooted Health and Nutrition in Oklahoma City. Additionally, she co-owns 180Physique Athletics, a sports performance and sports nutrition business with her husband, James. Umo enjoys contributing to advancing the field of nutrition and wellness and is passionate about helping her clients improve their quality of life and athletic performance as well as creating opportunities for other professionals to learn and grow. Umo is a proud mother of three kids, one girl and two boys, that keep her busy. Spending time with her husband and kids is what she enjoys the most. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @sassy_sports_rd.  

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