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Tips for photographing Your Cover Kid

by Bridget Pipkin

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Since this year’s Cover Kid Search has gone virtual, the camera is in your hands! But don’t stress. With these helpful tips from our Cover Kids Photo Sponsor, FotoArts Photography, you can easily capture your shining star’s bright smile and winning personality.

  1. Lighting – For best results use natural light. When photographing outside, during sunrise, sunset or anytime during a cloudy day is ideal. If photographing indoors, position your child close to a window. Pay attention to how the light hits your child’s face to make sure you do not backlight your subject or have shadows on the face. You want a solid, smooth light over all.
  2. Clothing – Pick a comfortable outfit that your child can move around in. Opt for a simple color pallete with fun layers but not too many different, busy patterns.
  3. Posing – Capture their personality. For older kids, let them choose some of their own poses and add some of their favorite music. For younger kids, give them something to hold, somewhere to sit or something to look at. Get down on their level and fill the frame with their face or full body.
  4. Backdrop – Keep it simple with very little distractions in the background.
  5. Timing – Plan around your child’s normal schedule and keep in mind when they will be in the best mood to take a happy, fun photo.
  6. Have FUN and Be Creative – Try different angles:  Shoot vertical, horizontal, close up and full body. Try getting a natural smile by telling a silly joke or asking for a laugh. Also try getting them to move by jumping or twirling.
  7. Uploaded photo must be a .JPG format. Be sure your photo clearly shows your entrant’s face (or faces if entering the Sibling category) without obstruction of makeup, hats, sunglasses, masks, etc.
  8. Avoid sending low quality or low resolution photos as they do not reproduce well. When using a digital camera or phone, we recommend you use “portrait mode” or the “largest” or “highest quality” setting.
  9. Be sure to follow the official rules. Find all of the important details on the Cover Kids Search 2021 Official Rules of Entry

Bridget Pipkin is a wife to an incredibly supportive husband and mother of 3 beautifully unique children. She is an Oklahoma City based photographer with bachelors of fine arts from the University of Central Oklahoma. She started Foto Arts Photography 15 years ago.  Bridget loves working with children to capture their inner joy and beauty and has been the Cover Photographer for Metro Family Magazine for the past 2 years.

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