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Hindsight 2020: Joy in the journey

by Piper Riggs

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As moms, we so often find ourselves on a totally different trajectory than what we had originally planned for ourselves. But there is beauty to be found in the unexpected (even in this insanity that is 2020!) and local mom Piper Riggs shares her take on what she hopes her own daughter gains from watching her navigate life’s challenges and joys.

As a freshman in college, I remember thinking the sky was the limit. I enrolled in courses that would push me in the direction of earning a doctor of physical therapy degree and felt super motivated that this would be my trajectory. It didn’t take long before I realized that my path was going to look different. Having played collegiate tennis, the science labs I needed to take for the physical therapy tract were all during practice at my small university, so I quickly changed my degree to marketing without really knowing what that would lead to.

Fast forward 17 years and here we are, I’m owner of my own marketing firm, working from home most days, ultimate snack getter for my kiddos, picking them up and dropping them at dance and soccer practice but being so sure of the path that I chose. While choosing a different path can be scary and feel chaotic in the moment, I’m so grateful that I get to be available to my kids pretty much any time.

When I think of our life trajectories, I sometimes wonder what our college freshman selves would think. Would they be proud of those small decisions every day that have brought us to this place or would they be disappointed that the path we chose was very different?

I like to think our former selves would be extremely proud. Integrating your values with your work life can be so tricky. That balance is something most people struggle with their entire lives. I think about my daughter’s future a lot and while I don’t need it to play out a certain way, I think it’s important that she knows what she values before she gets to the point that she has to make those big decisions.

Her 4-year-old self is everything I wish I was. She’s hilarious, brave, determined, beautiful, creative and doesn’t really care what the “cool thing” is because she has her own ideas of what she wants to do anyway. She’s fierce but gentle.

I want so much for her future because she deserves it. So, while working from home is anything but glamorous most days, my hope is that she sees a fierce determination from her mom, and whatever she decides to do 20 years from now, she remembers I continued to show up, both for her and for a career that I love.

Piper Riggs grew up in Chickasha as a Fightin’ Chick, and her love for words and language began her junior year of high school working as editor of her school newspaper with one of her favorite teachers, Mrs. Perryman.  Living in Edmond now, she and her family enjoy being outside, attending community events and sitting in every coffee shop they can. Her company Caraway Lane Marketing offers digital marketing services including social media strategy and management, writing and design for e-mail newsletters and blogs, graphic design and photography.

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