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Happy Back-to-School!

by Jennifer Geary

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We started our school year a week ago, and though I wasn't completely ready (and I'm still not!), it has been a relief to get into a routine again. This was an absolutely crazy summer for us. After almost 10 months on the market, our house finally sold and two weeks ago we made the move from our home of almost six years. This has been a huge change for our family as we've gone from a large home on five acres to a rental house about a third of the size right in the middle of town.  We're going to be building again, so we're essentially living in a house full of boxes as we begin that process.  I'm not quite sure where everything we need is, but I do know it's in here somewhere, and hopefully I'll find it all before the year is over!

In the middle of all this chaos, I've realized how grateful I am to be homeschooling. This move was very hard emotionally, and if I had had to deal with sending them off to school in the midst of it all, I'm not sure any of us would have dealt with it well. It was comforting for all of us to know that we really are all in this together, every single minute of it. I'm so glad I get to wade through all of this with them. I'm also kind of hoping that they'll think moving is so terrible that they'll get a house near ours early on in adulthood and then never move. Ha!

This year we're starting sixth and first grades and I have high hopes that even in all of the confusion of boxes and building, we're going to have a great year. We're using some new things that I'm looking forward to sharing with you, too! I hope you all have a terrific start to your new year at home!

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