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My Halloween Hack: MetroFamily to the Rescue

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Now that my family has been at this trick or treat thing for a decade now, it gets harder and harder each year to decide that ultimate of questions: what will they be for Halloween? In those early years, mom had a lot more input on what that answer would be.

Now I find myself making deals on scariness levels and setting budgets higher than my husband deems reasonable for “a couple hours of fun.” But, let’s be honest, I only have a few years of this sweet, innocent fun left and I just can’t resist.

So, this year as the debate rages on for my middle son, I am knee deep in crafting a homemade Spidey suit for my oldest, who always has big ideas (i.e. This Taco Tuesday themed Halloween.) Thankfully, my littlest was perfectly content with a pre-made find on clearance, the super villain to his brother’s super hero.

With the big day nearing, I am also plotting out our activities, because I have to make all that effort worth it, right? Plus, I love to celebrate too. (I think this just might be the main prerequisite to work as MetroFamily’s calendar editor.)

As the events roll in from organizations around the metro each October, I find it harder to say no than yes. One of my favorite lists I get to put together each year is our Countdown to Halloween. On the nights we have free, between sports and homework, I know we’ll have plenty of low-key fun to enjoy, and candy to hunt for.  I simply have to click and scroll.

Thankfully, at this point, I have perfected our must-do activities, including a Halloween movie night to watch Garfield’s Halloween special and Casper the Friendly Ghost, an annual event with cousins and friends, all topped off with traditional trick or treating on Halloween. I’ll treat myself with dinner out that night as well. Because deciding is my least favorite chore, I will pass along all the dinnertime responsibilities and let my kids choose off this handy list of special Oct. 31 discounts.

Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to tag us in your Halloween pics using #okcfamilyfun!!

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