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Frugal Easter Crafts

by Karen Perea

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Easter is a fun time to get crafty with kids.  My children love to make crafts, but my husband hates clutter so I try to make crafts out of everyday things we have around the house.  Here are three fun ideas:

Cascarones are also called confetti eggs.  It is a Mexican tradition that you dye empty egg shells and then fill them with confetti.  After the confetti is in the egg, you make a wish and tap someone with the egg.  If the egg cracks and the confetti comes out the wish comes true.

The trick is to crack only one end of the egg and let the insides drip out, but not crack the entire egg.  Once the egg is empty, you can rinse it out, set it aside to dry before dying it.  After the dye is dry, fill it with any type of confetti including cut or torn paper. Then, place a piece of tissue paper over the open end and seal it with a brush of glue.

Kool-Aid eggs.  Turns out you can color Easter eggs with the Kool-Aid!  All you do is hard boil the eggs like normal and then place the egg in a mixture of 1 packet of Kool-Aid to one (1) cup of warm water.  The longer you leave the egg in the Kool-Aid bath the darker the egg color is.  Another plus to this is there is no vinegar needed, so there is no foul odor.

Bunny Cake.  My mother used to make a bunny cake every year.  It is extremely simple.  Make a cake of any type in a round cake pan and then let it cool.  Take the cake out of the pan and, when its cool, cut it in half.  Place the smooth sides together and use some icing to get the sides to stick.  Notch out the head at one end and cover the cake with icing and coconut to make “rabbit fur”.  Cut ears out of paper and color the insides a light shade of pink.  Sometimes my mother dyed some coconut green for grass.

What are your favorite frugal Easter crafts? Share them with us below! For even more at-home Easter fun ideas, check out these handy resources

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