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First Folio

by Jennifer Geary

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If you've read this blog much over the years, you know I love to add in field trips to different places and events around the state to go along with what we're learning about at home. This is really easy to do when kids are young and learning about a huge variety of topics, but as they get older and their studies are more focused, it seems a little more difficult. January brings a really unique and exciting opportunity that may work really well for your older kids.

From January 4-29, the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History will be hosting the "First Folio", which is the earliest complete collection of Shakespeare's plays.  This collection of 36 plays was put together by two actors in 1623, seven years after Shakespeare died, and will be accompanied by displays showing the influence of Shakespeare as well as some interactive exhibits.

We've been studying Shakespeare for the last year and a half in our co-op, so I'm excited for my kids to have the opportunity to see this book. If you haven't ever tried any Shakespeare with your kids, this would be a great time to start. Here are some resources to kick off your planning:

Classic Stage Company Study Guides

How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare: A Read-Aloud Revival Podcast

Shakespeare Teaching Resources

Shakespeare Resources and Lesson Ideas

Teaching Shakespeare to Your Children

Hands-On Shakespeare

Shakespeare for Kids

If you don't feel ready to tackle the actual plays yet, check out Bruce Coville's picture book retellings. These are beautifully illustrated and do a great job of telling the main idea of the story so the kids are drawn in and understand what's going on. Even if you are going to read the plays, you might want to include these books in your lessons as a good way to introduce or review the story.

This is such a great opportunity, so don't let it pass you by!

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