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February sunshine: choosing to find the fun

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun gives us a choice as to what we can see and do, a welcome distraction, sunshine on a cloudy day.

There is so much as parents that we can’t fix or change. January was a hard month at our house.

Sometimes, it’s good to just admit that life isn’t shiny happy Facebook-perfect. That’s what is real and happening now.

I had an ectopic pregnancy, aka complex miscarriage that might require surgery. Last week was all about blood draws, Methotrexate injections and lab numbers. My husband is a U.S. permanent resident and no matter what side of politics you’re on, that means uncertainty for families like ours.

“Are you sad, Mom? Mom sad? Mom cry?” I heard my toddler ask from his carseat this morning.

Unlike a lot of the things going on right now, I had a choice about what to answer. I have had to level with my kids and give them some age-appropriate answers recently but this did not have to be that.

“No, I’m okay,” I answered. “We’re going to do something fun. Come on, let’s go home and ride your rocking horse.”

Fake it until you make it, amiright?

I will be okay. Someday soon. That day just isn’t today, not yet, but my sons don’t have to know. It isn’t their issue. We all do this, some version of it, for reasons as diverse as we are. We smile at the other moms as we drop off our children and just keep walking, preoccupied with something most people know nothing about.

One day at a time, it all can get better. Better doesn’t mean fixed. It just means better than it was.

Until then, there are things to look forward to in this new month. Here are some local events on my calendar that you might want to add to yours too:
New museum exhibit opening: This Saturday is the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s new Power and Prestige Children’s Gallery opening. We’re going. It features headdresses of the American plains, which will be something my sons haven’t seen before. We actually have never visited the museum.
A birthday party: My friend Kristen (hey, Kristen!) is having a birthday party this Saturday too. It’s at the Oklahoma City Zoo. We haven’t been in a long time and I’m sure this would be a great time to get out, walk some, see the animals. What’s cool about her sons’ shared party is that they’re collecting donations for the zoo animals and also for a local animal shelter. I love that idea because we don’t need more toys around here; I totally get it. I’ve actually never hosted a birthday party but when I do (and it is when because Sam really wants one this year for his tenth, double digits and all that), I’ll remember that approach. If you’re looking for a birthday party venue, check out MetroFamily’s Party Guide here. 
Valentine’s Day: We’ll talk it out over here but my children will want to do something on this list. They could choose to attend an event that features crafts, garden strolls, chocolate tastings. I’ll let them choose what sounds like a fun way to celebrate, a supplement to their school mailboxes fashioned from Nike boxes and construction paper.
Fossil Diggin’: Dinosaurs are a big deal at our house. There’s an event at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas called “Fossil Diggin'” on Saturday, Feb. 18. Kids with an interest in paleontology can dig marine-life fossils from a riverbed. Isaac just turned 5 and his teachers describe him as “such a treasure hunter.” I describe him as that kid crawling across the very public floor at Target because he’s looking for coins under each register stand. Either way, he wants to be a paleontologist and I’m going to do everything I can to encourage that. A road trip might be just what we need right now and it’s only about four hours from Oklahoma City. The park does multiple events of this kind throughout the year; we’ll let you know how it goes if we head that way.

Spring weather is starting to show more now. I’m ready for the seasons to change and to just move forward. I’m choosing to find the sun.

We wait for our children to walk for so long, teach them to crawl, lead them by the hand. After that, it just doesn’t seem that long before they’re leading us if we let them.

Right now, I’m letting them, so we’re headed out of the house and forward together. See you this spring!



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