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Family Photo Tips

Photo by Paage Frank

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Planning a fall family photo session? Take some tips from MetroFamily readers on how to make your photo shoot a success! And hey, even if disaster strikes (a.k.a. tantrums galore) we can look back, laugh, and say we gave it our best shot, right?!


Photo by Paage Frank


Family photoshoots are such a special time to capture some new memories, but sometimes we let our expectations get in the way. As we add more to our family, the sessions have gotten a little more chaotic especially once out youngest joined. A word of advice is to just go with the flow! Some of my favorites photos have come from unexpected moments where one of the kids just did something and it was captured. It’s important to find a photographer whose style you enjoy and let them run with it. Try not to micromanage and you’ll get a better result. We recently did a photoshoot with the talented Paage Frank. From the moment we arrived at the location she started shooting while the kids interacted and was able to catch some really sweet and genuine moments.




Photo by Eva Marie Smith


“always bring a sweater large enough to fit your child into it. There is nothing like physical closeness and texture to portray the bond between a mother and her child”




Photo by Amanda Watson Photography


Choosing Outfits: How easy did our parents have it in the era that everyone wore white shirts and jeans? Choosing the right outfits for your family can be challenging, here are a couple tips from a technical photography standpoint that can help you to narrow things down.

  • Texture and Layers are a great way to add visual interest.
  • Choose a centerpiece outfit and then pick everyone else’s outfits around that. For my own family, I typically will use our family photos as an excuse to buy that special dress for my daughter that I’ve been eyeing and then draw from the colors/vibe in that piece that for inspiration for the rest of the family.
  • Pattern is ok! Someone back in the day told us that pattern in photos was bad (perhaps 20 years from now I will be the person to blame for pattern when we have all swung back to the white shirts and jeans). But go with moderation. If one outfit has a really bold pattern, for the rest of the family choose solids or patterns that are more subtle. Pattern can also be muted a little by layering it with a jacket or cardigan.
  • Nothing too precious: The best way to kill the vibe in a photo shoot is to be too stressed, so don’t add in an extra layer of anxiety.
  • Not clothes but a few things that will make sure you have great photos— check the eye crusties, runny noses and things in teeth. If you can, avoid snacks during sessions — they tend to make your session longer, create drool stains and, depending on what it is, add a weird color to your kids teeth (but I know sometimes it’s unavoidable, so Smarties are my suggestion for clean treats!). But there is no shame in bribes for after the session! I support your sugar promises 100%! And the most important thing to know as a parent — It may feel like your kids are being crazy and not cooperating, but I promise that every parent feels that way and your photographer does not. Sometimes it takes a bit of crazy to get the genuine smiles.

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