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FREE Plaza Walls Mural Expo


September 01, 2020 to October 31, 2020


Muralists will be painting and debuting their new creations in September and October. The expo will culminate with a gallery exhibition featuring the muralists at the Plaza Walls Gallery on Oct. 9.

Starting the first week of September over twenty artists will make their mark upon the Plaza District’s historic walls. This year’s artist lineup includes Ackzilla, Up Doggs, Denise Duong, Yatika Fields, Dusty Gilpin, Mariell Guzman, Skip Hill, Dawn Jaiye, Holey Kids, Marpohl, Tiffany McKnight, Print Party, Jason Pawley, John Salame, SBZ, Virginia Sitzes, Joe Skilz, Cassie Stover, Sullystring, Tony Thunder, Sean Vali and Wiley.

The public is encouraged to keep groups small and bystanders and visitors to the district are invited to view, from a distance, some of their favorite local artists creating murals in person.


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